How To: 2012 Wr450 Ims Tank Install.

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Hi Team.

Thought I'd share the process I took to install my 11.3L IMS tank on my 2012 WR450.


1. Empty fuel into a suitable container.


2. Remove radiator shrouds and seat.


3.Remove the 'R' clip and Pin which secure the back of the tank.


4.Remove the front bolt holding the tank to the frame.


5. Lift the tank and remove
- The black fuel line connection with the orange clip. Lift the orange clip up and then push the two black plastic side tabs in and pull.
- The small black connector to the fuel level sensor.
- The large white fuel pump connector.


I forgot to take a pic when they were connected to the tank but you'll get the idea as we move on.
Here they are.


Pays to do a general inspection and tidy up whilst the tank is off also..


6.Remove the two bolts holding the rear tank mount bracket to the frame, remove bracket.


7. Remove the shroud and seat buttons and install onto the IMS tank.



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8. Transfer the Fuel pump and fuel level sensor onto the new tank. I used loctite on all bolts. Do not over tighten.






9. Install the front IMS tank mount onto the frame and tighten.

***NOTE: When it comes to mounting the tank to this bracket, you may need to lever the bracket a little to get the bracket closer to the tank and make the holes line up. Focus on getting one bolt in enough to hold it, then work on the other side.


10. Install the new IMS rear tank mount bracket.

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11. Fit the tank in place and check for fouling.

My radiator guard was going to foul on the tank, so I removed it and trimmed it down a little.




12. Insert the two rear tank bolts but do not tighten. This will help you with getting the front mount on easier.


13. Secure the tank to the front mount we talked about in step 9..remembering you may need to lever the bracket till you get it close enough to thread the bolts in. *** Once secured, return to step 12 and fully tighten the rear mount bolts.

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14. Trim the shrouds to suit the IMS tank.





*** Repeat for the other side using other template.

You should have something like this cut off your shrouds.


15. Test fit the shrouds, secure and mount seat.


16. Refill with fuel, check the fuel pump primes and there is no leaks, Admire.

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Top form, Potatohead.

Glad I wasn't the only one who had to bend that front bracket. I was surprised it didn't line up properly.

Installing a fuel cap breather thingy is a good idea too as I found the standard hose no longer fit right given the extra bend / height of the tank.

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Dude wicked effort putting all those step by step pics & comments, top job really impressive! 


Ive considered getting the IMS tank for my yz450f efi mx'er, i only get 80kms out of the standard tank & have been towed back to the carpark more than once!


Id say its fairly similar to the WR fit up.


Well done again, top effort!



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my shitty mechanical ability is shining through yet again....... i was removing the fuel line from the fuel pump on my 2015 wr450f and i broke the orange fuel line clip. 

i'm looking at $50-$60 for a new 1DX-13971-00-00 PIPE, FUEL 1

anyone else break one?  any ideas for solutions?

any info is greatly appreciated!


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