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Hi guys and girls.

Welcome to DirtriderZ, please feel free to post your pics, vids and contribute to the forums, as its your contributions that help make this forum what it is :)

Post up and say hello, introduce yourself and tell us what you ride and where you are from etc

Here is a link that tells you how to get your free dirtriderZ stickers,

Enjoy your stay, and look forward to seeing you on the trails,

From all of us here at dirtriderZ ;)

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Well in that case I guess I better introduce myself, I've been here for a bit but never have! Haha G'day, I'm Bailey obviously, from Kyabram up in the boring part of northern Victoria. I'm 17, I wo

Hello, i’m Tim located in the se suburbs of Melbourne. Came across this forum while researching jetting for my KTM300XC, seemed to have plenty of topics on the fantastic jetting of mikuni carbs lol 

Hello ladies and gents, my name is Aaron and I've been sent here by a bloke over at the ADVRider forums where I've been a member for many years. I ride a Husky 300 and have been riding all my lif

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:);)Yep load nice and fast. Geoffro when are you going to charge 50 a year so that we can load up pics. Then you won't have to worry about work.:P;)

Bwahaha funny you should say that Paul! the amount of time ive spent on it in the last couple of days, it almost feels like a job...

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Well done Geoffro, give em a good run for their money.

Now, how about a booze cruise and a ride and ps can I buy a overflow relief valve off you.

Cheers Kurty.

Hello Kurty, long time no see mate! funny you mention it, we were only speaking about a booze cruise on the weekend, and figured the weather may not be suited for it at the moment?!?!?!

LOL and no mate i dont have any HT55 1300KPA PRV left :)

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