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that be my thoughts too Nic

May have a look at the 661 suit one day soon, no idea if its comfy or not but it looks good to me lol

will post when I tried but good luck with the search and let us know how you go too if you try any

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Hi chicks,

I picked up an Fs pressure suit for $50 bucks the other week, it's not too bad in terms of comfort - but I have had to make a few little modifications. It's def a winter suit though, way way to hot even for 24 degrees.

For $50 though I don't mind if its a little modified :)

I have had my eye on a 661 suit (the black and white stripy one) for a little while too Coise they look ok hey! Will def have try one on to see how it goes.

My Oniel apocalypse pants are my fav (even though I had to cut about 10cm off the length, I hate being a short arse) the prob I have with most pants is the fit, they fit in the bum but not in the waist, or vice versa. That and they are heaps to long

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The women's alpine star is very small, even an XL is only about a size 10. I wear an EVS and my boobies aint small and its really comfy. It's saved me lots of times cause when I crash, I crash and I swear if I had not worn it I would have broken ribs and maybe done my back on a few occasions

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The women's alpine star is very small, even an XL is only about a size 10.

.. they still dont account for boobs :( ..Im finding this is the case with most brands of womens gear.. huff..

A good sports bra makes a massive difference, but still looking..

Thanks all :)

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I know this thread is a bit old now but for anyone else on the market for lady armor. I do have the girl alpinestar armor/pressure suit, the black & purple one I think it's called 'stella' n I've only worn it once but I reckon it was worth every cent. It does have moulded booby parts although still very tight on my massive cans lol & I bought it the day before I had a pretty serious accident (I still broke my collar bone & have permanent brain injury from it) but I can only imagine how much worse it may have been without that armor. I would highly recommend it to anyone thinking about it. I haven't riden since yet & it was 3 1/2 yrs ago... I will ride again, eventually & I will be wearing my armor ;)

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