2022 bikes out already, we're not even half way through 2021 !!

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I remember when i first got into dirtbikes, the new models would come out in November, the way its going the 2024's will come out in November 2022 ;)

Just wondering, if what we are getting is what we would have got in 2021, if we didn't have Covid ? !

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Generally always released in July/August in the print media world we used to see the images coming out. 

I guess these days in the "i want it now" society things are spread around the world so quickly by anyone. 


With the world crapping itself in the last few years some clothing brands are releasing their 2022 line when shops here in Oz havent even been able to get the 2021 orders filled. 


The world needs to take a pause for a year and start again reset and ready to be 2022. 


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Possibly with the 21 models being sold out in many brands they brought forwards the new models to keep the sales up 🤷‍♂️ 

It does seem early though. 

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I’m Curious to know where are these early bikes people speak off?
From my understanding we are going to be getting the ktm exc range as per other years late August early September.

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I must admit I like the look off the MX bikes
Seems about right the MX bikes normally come out a couple of months before the Enduros.
Orange frame for the 2023 Enduros that means, and then new changes in 2024 going by the ktm pattern.

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I've got my eye on the Sherco's and as I understand it you can order the 22 factory range now and get one mid July. Otherwise you have to wait until early September. 


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