Hamilton Pony Express

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A perfect day Sunday for my first ever crack at a pony express!!!! 

Arrived at the track about 9:30am with plenty of time to unpack and set up a pit area and gear up before the 12:30pm race start time!!!! 

Had a rider briefing at at 11:45am and set out on a sight lap was good to get on the bike and shake off a few of the nerves and quite funny to see that even though we had just been told to take it easy there was already riders at race pace and crashing in to each other and trees in the first 5 mins 🤣

Track looked great was a mix of open sandy loam paddock flat track and some sandy and hard packed tight more technical sections and already had some rutted and Bermed up sections from the juniors race in the morning. 

Finnished sight lap trying to stay as loose as possible as it was through the transponder gates and straight to the start line.

Race was a dead engine start bike fired up well and got off to a pretty good start first few corners were fairly open so there wasn’t to much silly stuff going! 

My plan was to just get into a nice rhythm and keep the bike upright as it was a 4hr race didn’t want to get caught up pushing to hard and only make a couple of laps!!! 

My plan failed about 3 minutes in when I washed the front end and dropped the bike on a sandy tight section! 🤣 only a low speed spill no harm done to rider or bike!! Anyway no harm done other than holding up a few of the fellas behind me!!! 

The rest of the first lap was pretty hectic as I was in the Ironman class we were first to start that meant all the team riders were coming from behind and a lot of those guys didn’t seem to have the same slow and steady mind set I did 🤣🤣  but just stuck to my lines and stayed out of trouble!!!! 

Next few laps went really well no more stupid moments and track was still in pretty good nick had a nice flow going still pretty slow but that is my style and I wasn’t getting any arm pump or cramps so was all looking good!! 

After 5 consecutive laps I pulled in for an energy gel and some Gatorade had a 10 minute breather body felt pretty good but concentration was lacking at times and track was starting to chop up so just had to get the focus back!! 

Hit the track again for lap 6 and it was starting to get really cut up deep ruts roots and rocks starting to come through and some big holes in the sandy sections made it quite a tough lap but got through no worries!! 

Was going to call it quits after lap six but after a 10 min break I realised there was only 30 mins left and I thought why not push for number 7 to test out the endurance!!!! Took it easy on the last lap and focused on good technique as the track was a mess and didn’t want to ruin what was a good ride with a silly mistake got through all good and chequered flag was waving!!!!!

Ended up 36th out of 50 in the Ironman class which I was stoked with given it was my first race!! Lap times were pretty average compared to most others but endurance was pretty good so will have to work on upping the pace a little next time

A great day and very well run by Hamilton mcc thanks to all the Dirtriderz crew who gave me advice before the event this helped a lot @Tcutter250 how did you go mate???

Cheers Raffy

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11 hours ago, ohmygewd said:

Well done Raffy!!!

Although, was this tatical😆


Hahaha I like to get the Gumby crashes out the way early so I can get on with the racing mate!!!!! 

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