mojo's Loop of Creswick.

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Day started well, got there early - to sort out parts of the loop.

Before you know it Matt, Cava + Shane all rock up,  within minutes- smiles all round, handshakes + bike talk..

We all start to gear up, semi ready - slightly excited ! - waiting for Barc to show his presence - henceforth the Barc turns up:)

Cornerman is explained + used in prefect harmony.

Off into the tight + twisty shanigans, that weight ahead - all flows well, rest breaks checking up on fellow riders.

1st smallish hillclimb, for the day - 2 up all good - next up is Shane, slipping for grip at the bottom - 3 quarters way up, make's the KTM fly through the air, loop de loop - in perfect harmony, both rider & bike in good  condition.

The tracks flow, from there on - plenty of grip out there, still dry & dusty in areas.

We hit the pines, for some unforgiving fun & come across some guy's - doing there own timed enduro loop - dirtbike banter continues & we follow their  loop.

Some little tracks - heading back to the cars - smiles all round, I break out the beers - for a well deserved ride & loop:)


Thanks for those who came - had a blast - ride all again soon I hope..:)



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Thanks again guys Was good to get out and about and try different terrain on the new bike.

First of many club rides to come hopefully.

FYI, Might have to sleep on the couch. Don’t think I can manage the walk right now haha.

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Thanks Mojo for leading was a good day out technical at the start with the tight tight trail, pretty gracious description of my acrobatics on that hill!! thanks also Barkly for sweeping. 62c79cf74bd656cb40a1fa630c374dfd.jpg5cf7eee46d07c3a5246c67a47687ac7c.jpg38e922c3ed9d9ea738a96c698497e4fe.jpg

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Thanks guys for a great day on the bike. It was a bit warm and dry for my liking but surprisingly dust was minimal. The five of us, all on two strokes, moved along at a nice steady pace with a few short stops. Everyone rode superbly and Mojo did a great job leading around the maze of tracks out there at Creswick. Special mention to Cava with his success at a narly hill..nice effort mate. Look forward to the next one.

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