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Get Well Soon KTM3002T


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Dave  aka @ktm3002t had a pretty serious off at Tallarook the other week.

He is still in hospital now, with a broken femur in 4 places, a ruptured bladder, a lot of internal bleeding and some other injuries.

Its a small world, as @egg cr500 was out on another ride, and was waved down by Dave's mate, they spotted Eggs dirtriderZ jersey, and mentioned their mate off dirtriderZ had had a serious off...

Egg was soon on the scene with some CFA members, and not long after Ambo's etc etc etc.

From all accounts, it was a very serious off, and Dave is very lucky to get out of it the way he did.

@Bear has been visiting Dave on a regular basis ( champion ) and has been keeping us updated on Dave's progress.


Please get behind Dave, and share the love and well wishes, as he is able to view the forum on tapatalk from his hospital bed.


Get well soon Dave!

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Thanks for comments to all the boys from the dirriderz crew and Egg that I am slowly getting to work out who you were Buddy even though we never rode much together so goes for all the rest of crew lives u all I hope il get thru this hurdle it wS very very scary I thought I was going to leave my young family behind

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Hey Dave, rode with you a couple times a little way back ,so sorry for your injuries mate .had one myself but won't bore you ,but just  to say it just takes time but you'll  be back mate .your well known and liked on dirtriderz ,so we're thinking of you.hope to ride with you again soon mate.👍

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Hey Dave glad to hear all the ops went well mate and wish you a speedy recovery to  buddy we have done a few rides together in the past and hope we can do it again once your back on your feet or even have a beer together get well soon bud 

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So sorry to hear of your accident. My thoughts and well wishes are with you. Good luck with your recuperation and don't rush it or let it get you down, the objective is to take your time and follow the medical advice and get yourself back to health. My experience is there's some tough times but it gets better bit by bit and before you know it things heal up. There'll be plenty of Dirtriderz ready to ride with you when you're ready; in the meantime there's always YouTube dirtbike videos if you need a riding fix (videos kept me going when I broke my leg many years ago until I got back on the bike).

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