Ladies Expo Evening - First Class Motorcycles, Lilydale

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Whether it’s for freedom, adventure, experience, confidence, independence, or community, women are taking to motorcycles with an increased voracity.

Like so many women who are learning to ride in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond, we have all confronted personal challenges, societal stereotypes, and cultural expectations to embrace the freedom and independence of motorcycling. For many female riders, mastering a motorcycle has served as a catalyst for other long-awaited life changes.

While their riding is at an all-time high, women on motorcycles are nothing new. We’ve been riding longer than we’ve been voting. Nonetheless, there are a lot more of us now. Women are one of the fastest growing demographics in the powersports industry.  In an effort to reach the demographic and break the stigmas associated with it, First Class Motorcycles is keen to support women in the sport and industry. 

We are hosting the First Class Motorcycles Ladies Expo on Thursday April 15th 5-8pm.  Our plan is to open the store to ladies already riding, those thinking of riding or those who may want to get back into riding. 

With a light supper provided we will be putting out invites to our customer base as well as social media.  The response we received from a “feeler” post a month ago was overwhelming and has since really pushed our determination to put this event together.

The evening will include our in-house team:

  • Delivering bike servicing, maintenance, and how-to seminar from our team in the service centre

  • Parts and accessories available

  • Showing the different models of Husqvarna and Yamaha dirt and road bikes

  • Discussion on how to get involved, where to ride, how to get your licence

  • Plus wherever it takes us on the night!

We believe that this is a wonderful opportunity to allow women to come on in and learn about bikes and where and how to ride them, without ridicule or embarrassment.

We are delighted, and excited that you are joining First Class Motorcycles in supporting women and their role in the sport and industry.

Ladies Expo Evening.jpg

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