Black Dog Ride March 2021 - Big River

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Great weekend - I will leave detailed reports to others and post these pics including some from the Sat L3 ride for a start.   GoPro edit on the way.

Big thanks to Andy, Murdoch &  those who prepped trails, leads/sweeps, DJ Badger.  Well done.  






























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Where to start!? What a weekend! Firstly, kudos has to go to[mention=4806]Andy350[/mention] for coming up with the whole idea in the first place. And for him and all that helped out behind the scenes

Hello peeps, my minister of war and finance has tallied your cash donations from the weekend and all I can say is PLENTY OF LOVE AND GENEROSITY....!!!! $970.00 Now I am going to sleep I will post up

Hello everyone, this report is going to be short and sweet. Thank you to DirtriderZ for giving me a social life and awesome friends KUDOS....!!!!!! It was a bloody long time coming as I made first

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Hello peeps, my minister of war and finance has tallied your cash donations from the weekend and all I can say is PLENTY OF LOVE AND GENEROSITY....!!!!


Now I am going to sleep I will post up 2moro

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Did a day trip across on sat what a day few drinks few laughs great to see and catch up with everyone spewing I didn't ride but I will be out more this year 100% look forward to seeing you all again soon 

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Where to start!?

What a weekend!
Firstly, kudos has to go to[mention=4806]Andy350[/mention] for coming up with the whole idea in the first place. And for him and all that helped out behind the scenes in preparation etc etc!

I was struggling to find mojo to attend the weekend, but after some friendly encouragement from a couple of champion gentlemen on here, it gave me the push I needed, so thanks a bunch, you know who you are.

I had a huge weekend with riding, big nights and minimal sleep, feeling pretty wrecked tonight, I will leave the finer details for others to share.

I finally got to meet some long time members and new members I had not yet meet, and also catch up with a heap of old friends that have been a part of the dirtriderZ family since day dot..

The highlight for me, was to see so many happy faces on rides, around the campfire etc, and to get so much positive feedback..

I'm still getting texts and messages tonight from people saying there should be more camping/riding weekends.. The riding is obviously a huge part of a dirt bike forum, but after the weekend just gone, it shows just how good the social side of it all is too!

The BlackDog Fundraisers will be an annual thing on the dirtriderZ calender from now on, and will only grow, with such a worthy cause being so close to so many.

Shout out to all lead and sweep riders for the weekend, also to[mention=3380]BearMX[/mention] for being my last man standing partner on both Thursday and Friday nights
And to[mention=4925]harrydaggers[/mention] and[mention=4841]stinky[/mention] as Romeo300 for the laughs and positive banter they bring along to every ride/weekend they attend.

I am really looking forward to all the pics and vids.


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Hello Everyone! Was a great weekend away, catching up to Dirtriderz members i haven`t seen for a long time and being a blackdog fund raiser ride was a very warming and down to earth experience, Thank You! I did Cruiser's level 3 ride. Really enjoyed the tracks, certainly sweated last nights shenanigans with in the first two tracks lol. Thank You once again to the organizers, track clearers, tailman and all the like minded people who make the weekend possible    

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per above, well played to ANDY350 and too all who helped out/tidied up tracks/led rides/sweeped and donated....but without this forum it wouldn't of happened so thanks Geoffro.

Great day Saturday...perfect weather and a great crew to show around what I reckon is a great area to ride all levels...Satdy night offered the usual frivolities and frothies...

Unfortunately the rain kicked in during the night and stayed well into the morning....which led to a distinct lack of interest in the Sunday loop...tbh I was happy with that...i doubt the same smiley faces would be there after 3hrs of riding in rain on slippery clay.

Stay safe everyone, catch you soon ...

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Wow, what a great weekend! Big thanks goes to Andy, Badger, Bushy, Cruiser, Dustin, Murdoch, Splints, Stinky, Harrydaggers & everyone else who was involved with the massive effort of organising this weekender.

It was great to catch up with some old faces that I haven't seen for many many years and also meet plenty of new faces!
This was my first weekender with Dirtriderz after having a near 8 year break from riding, so it was a great feeling to be back around that familiar buzz and enjoying company of some great peeps. Looking forward to joining you all for plenty more!

Special mention to DJ Badger for setting up and organising the boom box, party floor and keeping me filled up with Tequila shots all night I have to admit, I was kind of releived to hear the rides were cancelled on Sunday!

Until next time 80d8f1af9b8151094996ad74c71622a9.jpg578ab6ef08fee114daf913334d22a519.jpg2ae37c462db58b7c434398e6a7487732.jpg48d567d7f8f2772d13324d6acc245142.jpgaee0ab031c10c68d73b6cb42f65e3644.jpg733c804fa6c5f2272c118da50819ff8a.jpgbc28e4c80b825fef08d65e0bc8dd4dbd.jpgad4ed37ba1459e2446ddb06d008fd7cc.jpg93b0fcffff23bbbcbf5ff3dc4e50ab98.jpg1bfa6acfe956369f55ca3109e332b8cc.jpg

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Big thanks to Andy and all who organised this event and geffro without dirtriderz,this  woundnt of  happen so thanks .Thanks for all lead and sweep riders and to everyone who attended .Andy the awards and music box lights and quickshade great job mate and your time adjusting the ride post was a  super effort and dosnt ever   go unnoticed fella x.also a big thanks to Murdock for T shirts .banners and things and cutting in and clearing tracks over the last week's cheers mate .   big thanks for everyone who came far and wide and the riders injured turning up to  get on board was great . Talking to them sometimes grounds you a bit and makes you think .  Our ride to woods point started of great with a good group of riders .but unfortunately after about a quarter in we had an injury on a step rocky scar in the hill and had to patch him up and send him back  .hope the wrist gets better soon badger and thanks rossco for getting him back safely mate cheers . Then  just a bit further up the track we ran into dse burn off crew and luckily we were able to continue on to woods point but unfortunately we were not allowed back in the area for  the trip home . After a quick meal fuel up and beer at the pub we were off again . The trip home was cut a bit short due to burn off but stinky recoverd the ride well to stIll have a blast on the way back . Good job bro cheers mate . All in all a great weekend and Stanley lpcuse The Mask is resting well till next time . Cheers everyone 

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Hello everyone, this report is going to be short and sweet.

Thank you to DirtriderZ for giving me a social life and awesome friends KUDOS....!!!!!!

It was a bloody long time coming as I made first inquiries in October 19 then 2020 was a write off of course. We all finally got together in 2021.

Thank so much to Murdoch for his tshirts donation tin banners and track prep outstanding effort bro.

Thanks for your time considering your busy schedule DJ Bad Badger 🤣

My anxiety was quite high leading up to the ride until the morning I was driving up when my brain actually relaxed for once thank fk

For me and many others over the weekend it was very emotional with many happy tears as this topic is very close to the heart. Upon returning home and telling my wife about the ride we were both crying.

I couldnt be happier with the tracks atmosphere and group support over the weekend.

Thank you sooooo muuuuch to leads sweeps helpers that came to ride with leaders while mapping. I cant take any credit for the loops as my local is Wombat and Murdoch showed me where to go

Thank you so much for camp donations of $970.00 plus online donations. I will post a donation receipt this week when my brains working after a big weekend.

The weekend was like receiving a massive group HUG.

Thanks for all riders and non riders for attending.

️ from me and my family

Look forward to seeing you guys every year for the Black Dog (off road) Ride.

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Thanks to all for a great weekend!

The Woods Point 2+ ride was quite an adventure, a bit of action here and there, namely the rocky optional track and also one of the first larger climbs where there was a bit of a pile up.

I hope Bad Badger heals up quick!

Saturday night was fun as always.

Sunday AM was just a little wet, it was good to have a lay in before hitting the road and home for recovery.

I really was initially looking forward to checking out the 2+ loop the crew did on Friday.

Camping or as you Viccos quite often say 'weekenders' are where the fun is at!440f698d281058362e0676bced2e243d.jpg52a5ede1f1336fb518b80787e597e943.jpga69151cdfadc9674ad42cda64fd6c901.jpga95bd4afe462a1776bd16819809dbbc4.jpg

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Congrats Andy and all that contributed to what sounded like successful weekend for The Black dog fundraiser and Dirtriderz

Turned up on a soggy Sunday morning for the 3+ ride

 Only to find a campsite of partied out but satisfied non riders 

A big night ,a successful Saturday ride And the presence of rain making the tracks slippery had nobody interested in a Sunday ride

 Except for one 

Murdock was still keen for some Rocky Ridge 

So after a catch up with a few of you off we went. 

First Rocky Hill climb was pretty challenging in the wet conditions , Rocky ridge was amazing Absolutely loved this first part of the ride

 Unfortunately my fan stopped working (Bearing)  

So we couldn’t test ourselves on many more challenging Hill climbs

 Murdoch still found some fun enjoyable tracks for us and we had an awesome afternoon 

 56 km 5 1/2 hours of riding 

Great day thanks mate


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Big thanks goes out to Andy for organizing this ride, and all the others involved in putting this ride together. Thanks to all who put all the loops together spending many hour making sure all ride levels were catered for, then all the leads and sweeps. I was lucky enough to be on Cruisers and Murdocks ride, which I had an absolute ball, even fumbling my way up Murdocks rocky play hill " I was a complete Gumby. Great cause and great get together by all for this fundraiser, I was only there for the day but the atmosphere was awesome. Yesterday was also a great day to straighten my bent exhaust pipe that was jammed in the exhaust port, that's after being a Gumbyman!!!

Thanks to all making it a great success. 

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This weekend really wasn't my baby. But was really happy to be able to help out by leading a level 3 ride round the area.

Over the past year. The gates have gone up and bridges been rebuilt. Accommodating the inevitable logging that is taking place and will continue to scrap quite a few great riding areas of Big River. Tracks we were able to include last year couldn't be included this year. So the track preparation for what was left began.

This had its own challenges. Seemed as soon as we had some areas ready for riding. New trees would come down and create a new work load to open an area up again. To the point one trk in particular was only finally ready for us on the Friday before the ride. 

All kudos goes to Murdoch. All of the rides had his imput, one way or another. Thanks mate.

While I do love a good social. If the rides weren't there. I know I wouldn't be. So thanks to Andy, Splints, Bushy, Stinky, Harry, Murdoch. for the rides. We all found the ride that put a smile on our dial. Because without the ride.......Its just camping.

To those that have had Big river on your bucket list to do.......Time may have run out to do Big River in its current format. Will have to see what is left of the area to make Big river great again after the logging is finished.

Was really pleased to see Black Dog getting Some good positive recognition. Was even more pleased to see a number of people show up despite their brain telling them differently.

My level 3 ride. went well. We covered a fair bit of ground which included 3 breaks. One at the 30k mark. Another for lunch. And another at the end of the ride. Covered 80ks  All done by 2pm. Thanks to the competent riders that attended. The ride flowed like a well oiled machine. Thanks to Murdoch pushing from the sweep position.

Well done Andy and Murdoch for your attention to detail. Leaving nothing to chance and putting both your money and time into a great weekend.

Till we ride again



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Andy - what a great weekend matey!

This was definitely the best weekend I've had in a while, thank you so, so much mate - all the months of effort you put in really paid off!! Well done Matey!!

Thanks to everyone who helped and made it the weekend it was - us guys who do more of the following than the leading, are super-lucky to have you guys do this for us weekend after weekend - you should know that we all appreciate it!

To Al, Rosco, Hazzer and Heidie, thank for getting me back onn the bike - and home safely (especially you Mr Roscco)!

I've taken a ton of pics which im gonna post in two parts - enjoy!

Looking forward to catching up with you all again soon!




















Logs 1.jpg

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What a weekend
What an event
What an effort

Andy350 - what a legend

The efforts behind this were huge and Andy and his band of merry men put in countless hours of preparation over the last year or so - the likes of Andy, Murdoch, Bushy, Cruiser, Splints, Captain Kenny, Stinky, Harry (and I'm sure many others - apologies for not naming you) doing multiple day trips and overnighters scouting out suitable tracks and trails to put together the various loops that were on offer over the weekend. Then of course there's all the efforts put in with the coordination of the whole event (and as that were there will attest, it was certainly an event!)

I put in a leave request a few months ago for the Thursday, Friday and Monday off work (and permission from my better half) and the excitement built as the time approached.

I headed up on the Thursday, a planned detour for a new front tyre ended up being a tyre, rear wheel bearings and new rear sprocket bolts - so a thanks here also to Twisti for dropping everything to make sure my weekend wasn't ruined before starting!

It was great to get there and see that there was already at least 20 people set up including Geoffro who had kept it very hush hush that he was coming!

A few more arrived throughout the evening with the latest arrival being a brand new member at about 10:30 (when you meet Hightower you will understand the user name!) And it was the first of 3 very entertaining nights that I thoroughly enjoyed!

Friday started out with a cracking glorious sunny morning and the decision was made to ditch and planned L3 explore/play for Cruiser and we all jumped on 2.5 which was being led by Andy and swept by Stinky and what a cracking loop it was!

During the loop I experienced something that I can honestly say I would have never ever expected to see on a ride when out of nowhere at a break our resident entertainer broke into a word for word rendition of the Muppet show opening song that had all of us in stitches (and questioning where the karaoke machine or teleprompter was hidden - cos it was perfect!)

Friday afternoon/evening/night saw more and members arriving and yet another cracking night was had around the fire during which the entertainer extraordinaire put on another show when Kevin Bloody Wilson was mentioned and he broke out into a word for rendition, complete with each different character, of Stick that f'n phone..... I'm sure I wasn't the only one with tears of laughter as that was happening!

Saturday was once again a great morning (not as a many as Friday, but nice all the same) and more and more people arrived before the first ride (the 2.5 Woods Point ride) departed led by Stinky and swept by Harry (complete with Bluetooth speaker strapped to the front of his bike so he could provide music for the ride (guess even his voice may need. Abreak from time to time!!)
Next to leave was Cruisers L3 being swept by Murdoch.
I had decided to jump on the next ride to leave which was the L2 being led by Bushy and swept by Andy.
The last ride to leave was the L1 being led by Splints and swept by Luke.

Bushy put on a great level 2 ride with bits of everything, some really nice, level appropriate, tight tracks and a wide variety of fire and 4x4 tracks that between them threw just about everything possible at us, ranging from rocky hills (up and down), bog holes, freshly graded loamy deep soil and quick open high speed trails.. whilst not the type of ride I would normally do I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The ride did provide me with a period of panic when we got to a point where we intended making some phone calls only to discover that my phone, which I had had out 20-30 minutes earlier, wasn't in my pocket... After a quick chat to Bushy I headed back along the trail we had just done in the hope that I would miraculously find it staring at me from the middle of the trail somewhere. I figured my best chance would be either the point we had previously stopped and I'd last seen it or possible at a point where Bushy had had to attack a fallen tree that was completely blocking the track with his trusty pruning saw, I had been 4th on the scene and had given a hand clearing some of the cuttings..

Thankfully when I got to the scene of the fallen tree I found my phone laying on the edge of the track where I had disposed of a branch! The relief was immense to say the least! Once again, apologies to all on the ride for the hold up!

The rest of Saturday was unbelievable, as each of the rides returned people got changed, a marquee was set up, a dance floor was raked and the festivities began..

Despite a very sorry looking and swollen hand the one and only Bad Badger did multiple rounds of all the camp site toting tequila and shot glasses making sure everyone was in the right spirits for the festivities to come

At around about 7ish everyone was ushered to the campfire (nightclub) and I think I can speak for everyone in saying we were all moved (and very emotional) as Harry and Andy talked about about the Black dog cause and shared some experiences/stories which really drove home the impact and reach of mental health - I know I wasn't the only one needing to wipe my eyes on multiple occasions..

It was them time for the presentation of a "Gumby" and "Jarvis" award for each of Saturdays ride...

My effort in losing my phone saw me with the home of the L2 Gumby award and the trophy now has pride of place in my loungeroom!

After the awards (and a smoking appearance by the Mask) DJ Badger took over and the night kicked on.. the dance floor got a good workout all though the night and drinks flowed left right and centre... 

Even the rain arriving at some time between midnight and 1am wasn't enough to end proceedings and when I scampered off at sometime around 2:30/3:00 there was still about half a dozen people going!!

Sadly the rain hung around all-night and into sunday and put paid to my intention of riding again and staying for another day and I obviously wasn't alone as when I left at 10:30 or so there was only a handful of people still there!

Hats off to Ghost rider for driving up Sunday morning to tackle the 3.5 with Murdoch and to Tripitaka and her partner who hung around for some more riding!

Well, I reckon I've dribbled on enough now, well done to anyone who managed to read all of that!

I'm already counting down till the 2022 event - I'm sure it will be another unforgettable experience!


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What a great weekend! It was obvious to see how much effort went into this weekend! Wow! Quite a show! Andy, Murdoch, Cruiser, Stinky/Romeo300, Harry, Bushy, Splints and all the sweeps and those that helped out, well done! As well as Geoffro and team and everyone else behind the scenes. DJ Badger, you are amazing, so many talents, hope you heal fast! Highlight was meeting so many new riders, great chats and hearing people’s stories. Bringing a topic that has affected so many people in different ways into the light!! Lastly Big River, what a place to ride and blast through the hills with a great bunch of guys and girls! Great cause, I think we were all proud to be part of this Dirtriderz’s weekend!

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Thanks so much @Andy350 for creating a fantastic event for such a good cause and thanks @Murdoch because you guys really got this off the ground.  

Thanks@Bad Badger for the DJ set which had me laughing and groaning and dancing. Oh, and to those with especially terrible vocals later in the night. It was great. Ahhhh the serenity was missing until a Genny conked it but the laughter was not. 

Again thanks to @splints for level1+ ride. Nicely done mate! Bravo. It was made all the more special by a really enjoyable collective of riders. @TooTimid you have the best one liners!  

I had many laughs, smiles, and fell off comfortably.  My nicest suprise was a Lyre bird which came running across my path.  Safely made it. 

So we rolled into a soggy Sunday. Thanks @macca for tolerating the trail into nowhere. I'm pretty keen to give that a crack again. Maybe we should start a little earlier and on a Saturday, carrying fuel, water, emergency blanket and GPS. Lol.  


Everything still hurts and it took forever to clean my bike. 

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Wanted to add my appreciation to the group for all the behind the scenes efforts. To name a few Andy, Bushy, Geoffro, Stinky, Harry and the rest for all the hard work and efforts that went into the successful weekend event. I rode the Friday L2 + which was a challenge but great fun. The tracks were flowing and the only dust we encountered was on the open tracks. I also rode the Saturday L2 which was a bit dustier but still flowed well with a bit of everything thrown into the mix.
We camped across the road to get away from the dust which turned out well but only since I had to leave Saturday afternoon due to family commitments. I reckon the spot I had my tent set up would have flooded as it was boggy when I got there even in the dry. Sorry I missed out on Saturday’s festivities, I’m sure it was hilarious. Great see the Dirtriderz family, old and new. Now my only question is this, Harry has given a nickname to everyone he meets (me included) yet he still goes by “Harry”. I think its time he gets a nickname too. 40 lays in 40 days is too long a nickname Harry.

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Just wanted to add my thanks to the list as well thanks@Andy350 for getting this weekend off the ground also thanks to @BushyBrows DBT for leading the Saturday lvl2 ride great mix of trails thrown in i had a ball! And many thanks to everyone else that had a hand in making this weekend happen! It was a huge shame that the heavens decided to open up on Saturday night i was really looking forward to the lvl2+ on Sunday but thems the breaks! Can't wait for next year! Cheers peeps until the next one...HOLD IT ON!!!

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