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Prologue has happened and Dan Sanders was third fastest overall! Toby was about 9th from memory. This means Dan will start the day 3rd overall. A daunting task for a rookie, Toby was perfectly situated for the opening stage.


Opening stage and who comes out with the first stage win but Toby Price! Last year's winner Ricky Brabec got lost along with a few others (I think Dan Sanders as well) and they lost about 20 minutes to Toby in the opening stage.


Screenshot_20210103-223911_2021 Dakar.jpgScreenshot_20210103-224009_2021 Dakar.jpg

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Sorry I missed yesterdays (day 2) stage updates. Toby had a bad day leading out the stage and dropped bulk time but Dan Sanders was making an impressive showing till he lost a heap of time on the last way point. 
Day 3 and Toby had a lot of people in front of him leading the way so he smashed it out the desert and won another stage and brought himself back up into contention. Its been tough navigating so far for anyone who leads out the stage after victory.
A number of changes for this years Dakar. One being the riders only have 6 rear tyres for the whole race so conserving the equiptment is something that will come into play as the event rolls on. No team assistance for repairs during fuel stops (I think that was it) and getting rider navigation maps only happens minutes before the start of the stage so not a lot of preparation. This Dakar will go all the way to the final day!

Screenshot_20210105-202859_2021 Dakar.jpgScreenshot_20210105-202739_2021 Dakar.jpgScreenshot_20210105-202724_2021 Dakar.jpg

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Im glued to the TV each night watching this year’s coverage.  Aside from the the car class I’m sick of Minis, turbo diesel Peugeot’s, and V6 Hilux’s.  I’m going for the blokes in 7 litre V8 2WD buggies.   They are doing well.   


“Serradori Racing Team is running South African Century Racing-built CR6 Buggies.The powerful Chevrolet 7.0-litre V8-powered two-wheel drive Buggy was a revelation at the last Dakar. Serradori managed to claim a stage win on his way to eighth overall and victory in the T1.3 class for two-wheel drive petrol vehicles. He tackled the Dakar on a motorcycle on three occasions before switching to four wheel competition”. 

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This just in from ADB Columnist @danielsanders_11

#Repost @danielsanders_11 with @get_repost


Day 3.. I placed 8th and I’m currently sitting 16th overall. Really tricky notes again this morning losing a bunch of time. I didn’t find a good rhythm until the halfway mark. I finished strong and look to start well tomorrow with a long day ahead, a total of 813km only “377km” is the timed stage. The longest stage for the race.


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DAKAR 2021 – Stage 3

“I’m just on my dirt bike.” Is how

Skyler Howes

describes taking the overall lead of


2021 while Australian

Toby Price

put the challenge of stage 2 behind him and the two-time Dakar champion was out to prove he’s not here to play in the sand.

The 403-kilometre special was a loop from Wadi Ad-Dawasir and back, including a 227km liaison, that would test the riders and ensure, as Price put it after stage 1, that things would be shaken up.



rider set about making up his deficit from the previous day to pass the first waypoint just 2 seconds behind the Honda of

Kevin Benavides

. The Argentinian had other ideas and started to open a gap that extended as far as 1 minute 6 seconds by waypoint 4 (183km).

Meanwhile, Price’s KTM teammate,

Matthias Walkner

, knowing that his chance of winning outright had passed by the wayside with mechanical problems yesterday set after the leaders and almost played a role of supporting the Australian. Walkner placed third throughout the waypoints and eventually claimed that position by stage end.

As the riders passed the 200km mark Price lifted the pace and began pulling in Benavides and eventually passed him on the time sheets by kilometre 290. It had been a great ride utilising the tracks made by others to see him navigate well and pull out a remarkable result giving him his 13th overall stage win on the Dakar despite him describing this years event as “quite frustrating”.

Price was referring to the nature of being at the front, then back, then front, “the navigation side of things makes it difficult to lead a stage out and I have to do it again tomorrow but hopefully I might catch a break and it isn’t too hard.”

Benavides wasn’t disappointed finishing second after leading most of the way, understanding the world’s toughest sporting event is a long one.

“I kept focused and pushed a lot,” he explained. “This Dakar is really different … it’s like a game of strategy … my strategy is to take it day by day.”

An impressive result just 6 minutes behind Price was that of American Skyler Howes, teammate to Australian Michael Burgess. Howes took his KTM to fourth place behind Benavides and Walkner and now amazingly sits top of the overall results as he described stage 3 as “another fun day in the desert”.

“I keep saying it, but I'm just having a lot of fun on the motorcycle,” said the 28-year-old. “I caught up with Chucky (

Daniel Sanders



(Benavides) and


(De Soultrait) and we all had this huge battle, like a four or five way battle the whole way for the last hundred and fifty kilometres. It was a lot of fun, it really was.

“At the end of the stage, whatever result I get, I’m usually happy with it, because I’m just on my dirt-bike”.

Just on his dirt bike, indeed!

It was an impressive result for Burgess too, who’s

BAS dakar KTM

finished 7 places ahead of where he’d started. The 38th position was less than 40 minutes behind his countryman in Price. It seems the rider from Bendigo in Victoria is coming to terms with Dakar despite a few scares the previous day.

“Cars started passing,” Burgess explained. “Holy shit, that’s an experience, one after another.”

Another consistent ride saw Sanders take his KTM to 8th place, less than 12 minutes off the pace, and still in the hunt for an outright podium if not a win. Sanders now sits 16th, quarter of an hour behind Howes.

Andrew Houlihan was another to have a consistent ride and brought his

Nomadas Adventure

KTM home in 68th position, one up on where he’d started. His time, just over one hour and forty-two minutes off the pace.

DAKAR 2021 – Overall results

1. Skyler Howes (USA) KTM 12:04:48

2. Kevin Benavides (ARG) Honda +00:00:33

3. Xavier De Soultrait (FRA) Husqvarna +00:01:28

4. Toby Price (AUS) KTM +00:01:52

5. Sam Sunderland (GBR) KTM +00:05:27

6. Ross Branch (BWA) Yamaha +00:07:14

7. Luciano Benavides (ARG) Husqvarna +00:07:56

8. Joan Barreda (ESP) Honda +00:09:02

9. Adrien van Beveren (FRA) Yamaha +00:09:09

10. Jose Cornejo Florimo (CHL) Honda +00:09:24

16. Daniel Sanders (AUS) KTM +00:16:46

41. Michael Burgess (AUS) KTM +02:11:58

69. Andrew Houlihan (AUS) KTM +05:51:52


133966732_826057097967886_66825417963705136663742_826056831301246_38660394966192Image may contain: one or more people, sky, outdoor and natureImage may contain: sky, outdoor and nature

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Another couple of epic days of Dakar action. This years stage winners are finding it tougher then previous years in leading out the field the next day and losing bulk time and positions. This then allows them a great chance to make up bulk time the following day. Proves the new format is working to make the Dakar tougher then in more recent times.

First pic is stage 5 results and second pic is overall and Toby is right back in there. Dan Sanders is having a great showing as well

Screenshot_20210107-222720_2021 Dakar.jpgScreenshot_20210107-222708_2021 Dakar.jpg

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Toby's got tyre dramas! Split the carcass, holding it together with cable ties and tape cant change due to marathon stage. 

Chucky went over the bars and damaged a front wheel hitting a buried rock.

Hopefully both guys can push through these issues for minimal time loss.


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This is how Toby's tyre looked before the ride. Fully split sidewall!

He cut some knobs off, bandaged the massive split and added a heap of cable ties and was second fastest through the stage! Massive effort. He had to ride with his tyre like that as stage 7 and 8 were a marathin stage and no outside assistance. In previous years he would have been able to walk around the KTM riders and have his pick of the rears but new rule changes this years means he had to battle on. De Soultrait had tyre problems and has dropped big time today.

Dan Sanders is still smashing it in his first Dakar.

Burgess is in 34th overall and Houlihan is in about 60th! Lets hope they can snag a few more spots and finish off Dakar


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Broken collarbone and a hit to the head.
So glad it was not worse
That's "good"...... there were reports before I went to bed last night that he had done his shoulder, both wrists and a foot....

Glad that they appear false..
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Chucky up into 4th. Last day tonight! hopefully he can come home strong and put her in 4th to replicate TP's rookie effort!  20m back from 3rd so it might be a bit of a push but anything can happen in this dakar!

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