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He's saying he uses Motul 800 @ 40 to 1, so 25mil of oil for every litre of petrol, the main jet is a 170 & the pilot a 40. RF will be the shape of the needle which i think is out of a Suzuki, airsrew is 1 3/4 turns out & the last looks like the plug he's using. Frank is all over this so hopefully he will chime in with his finding Y recommendations.

Cheers. I assumed that was the basis of what it meant. Anyone got any idea on if it’s on par with what it should be?
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hey gents.  Still need to put it through its paces...maybe this will give a bit of a 1st impression perspective .  

I recently jumped ship from a '17 Husky 300 to a '21 Sherco 300 Racing.  I was set on getting a TPI, but things just didn't pan out.  Initial thoughts below: Low end grunt on the new bike is wh

Carby bikes will always be on the trails and keep alive and reliable by real Dirt Bike Enthusiasts.... ...You dont have to have a brand new bike to enjoy yourself🙂🤙

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So are you riding open stuff, technical trails or want to get into more hard enduro terrain?

The setting you posted up seems to be more for open riding or high speed stuff...give it a shot, if it's too rich then you can always go smaller on the pilot and main jets probably run 50:1 or even 60:1 in the tight stuff where you rarely get out of 3rd gear.

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