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Recommendation for Front and Rear tyres KTM 300 TPI

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I love a good tyre debate. What works is what works for you. If you want long tyre life then there will always be a sacrifice the same as if you want exceptional traction. I have found that what works for one bike may not work for another. The way you ride it, also makes a big difference. I used to run a medium Pirelli Scorpion on a 200 with brilliant grip. On a 250f, it was terrible. I found the GT Fatty at the front and a Mittas green line something to be brilliant. But Im slow and I like to ride well beyond my ability. I also ride very rocky terrain that includes many creek crossings and very long vertical climbs. Going to a soft compound rubber was the opposite to general consensus but I found it perfect for me with very little knob tear and impressive grip with only 25% of knobs left.

The  advice I live by is, if you are tearing knobs it's too hard. If you have no grip, it's too hard. If you have no knobs left after a couple of rides, it might be a little soft or you need to adjust your throttle style. If you have no knobs after 1 hour, then you are definitely on the wrong tyre.

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