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Motion X GPS, coming to an end.

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Got the below email after contacting them for tech support recently.

I guess if you have the app on your phone, don't delete it, you wont get it back from the app store.


Thank you for contacting the MotionX® support team. After years of offering a top-rated GPS app for the iPhone, we have made the difficult decision to remove MotionX-GPS from the iTunes App Store. We realize MotionX-GPS has a large following but those who already own MotionX-GPS will be able to continue using it. There are some features that will no longer be supported in the app due to the infrastructure costs associated with ongoing hosting. These include:

  • Sharing waypoints or tracks with others via the built-in email sharing (alternative methods are available — see the attached document)
  • Auto Live Position Updates
  • Wikipedia Search
  • MotionX Road and MotionX Terrain map types (Apple, Google, Bing, NOAA, and custom maps will continue to be available)

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