The TPI Happy or Not Happy Thread

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I’m only after people who have owned a TPI to post up please


Year and Model - Happy or Not Happy are the response I’m after.


No comments please



2018 300tpi - Happy

2019 250&300tpi - Happy

2020 250tpi - Happy

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I think this is in the ‘Not happy’ category

Bloke says he’s never over heated a carb 250 without a fan even in extreme stuff. Then says the oil injection line is pre mix.
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2019 tpi not happy!!!! 

Ive has to replace the top end 3 times!!!

Broken the subframe, not sure how that happened, I only ride nicely graded firetrails

countless number of tyre changes, damn things keep wearing out, maybe cause I keep Riding up a Hill at Dissa that Bruce boiled his carby on and said nobody would ever get up there again.

plastics keep getting scratched, never had that happen before.

I keep overfilling the oil reservoir , damn bike dosnt want to use the oil 

The radiators are more oval shaped than square.... beats me

bloody bike keeps going and all I want is a new one!!

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Hey guys my intentions for this thread is genuine-i personally just wanted to know how many TPIs are out there and if people are Happy with them-I’m not trying to cause trouble or after any nasty comment.

Thanks for the tpi owners for posting up it’s given me some insight on what’s out there and how people feel about the new technology 2ts .




Feel free to keep the posts coming

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On 5/15/2020 at 6:24 PM, Crusty350 said:

2018 Husky TE300i. Happy
2019 KTM 250tpi. Happy
2020 KTM 300tpi. Happy emoji108.png

Don't own a TPI. But recently had a ride of Crustys 2020 and I'd be lying if I said it wasn't any but good. Much much better than the first few generation TPIs. :applauso-01:

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