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Baofeng UHF versus GME/Uniden

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So..after using my baofeng a fair bit now in rides I've decided in going away from the cheep Chinese baofeng.


Essentially what's made me go there is the quality of the remote mic. It's just not that good..I've had them failing and intermittent. I also had a ride recently in the cobaw where I was leading and I could hear the sweep calling me but he couldn't hear me.


The baofeng is a pain in the ass to program...I can do it, bit I have to pull my hair our each time.


So I'm just going to grab a GME TX6160 5watt with remote mic. See them in packs for around $270.


My thoughts are...


- stick with anything GME or Uniden

- make sure you have 80 channels (some don't!)

- remote mic is great..radio in pack and mic clipped to your pack strap.

- 5 watts is best but 1 watt is also quite ok.

- it's better to have a 1watt unit for circa $80 than NOT have a 5watt unit for $180+

- learn how to enable CTCSS ..so handy



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