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Show us your ADV bike


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Heya Guys

Dan here, for the last 2 years ive been working 7 days a week ( for myself ) so there been basically zero riding, except a monthly braap up the park to keep all the bikes running.

Ive got an 07 KTM 990S Black, shes a beast, and super reliable. Also very capable, far more capable than I. Purchased in 2010 i think... with 27 thou on it, now in her mid 60 thous. Hardly missed a beat, but im fairly fastidious with all my servicing, across all my bikes.

I also have a DR 650 in NZ, which lives with family and is a reliable hack. Not going to win any races but can always be counted on for a good time.

Id be interested at looking into the new Tenere. Looks like a solid bang for buck option.


As i get older, i really think adventure motorcycling is a pragmatic option to get out in the great outdoors, seeing sights, without faffing about loading bikes and gear etc. That being said, ive still got my TE450 and YZ250 for shytes and giggles.


Have fun out there




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Ive come across some shots of an epic adventure i undertook a couple of years back, Basically a complete circumnavigation of the South Island of NZ, including 3300kms of seal and 1100kms of unsealed roads. The DrR or Betsy as shes become known, is basically stock, had some jetting done and opened the airbox, we made a bashplate and added a Screens for Bikes screen, and wired up 3 cig/usb ports for equipment. Ready to rock.

I left Christchurch, headed north to Picton to meet the ferry and a couple of cousins, then we took 10 days to head to the most southern tip vis east coast - Bluff - and the Burt Munro Festival, beach raced the old girl, then headed north up the west coast, camping the whole way.

Highlights were Burt Munro, riding the Rainbow Station and Molesworth Station - both private stations/roads, and general bike time with family.

I was the only one to complete the journey, Jake had to peel off on day 7 called back to work, and on our last day Damo (DamoSuzuki) had an incidentwhere he highsided in the Molesworth, 100kms from civilisation, and snapped his ankle clean as could be - wearing Sidi Adventurers. This set a whole chain of events into play thats a movie script in itself. I made it home that night with less than a cup of fuel. Some may say a cup of fuel too much.

Thats an adventure.

I recommend Both the Rainbow and Molesworth rides, serious bucket list stuff.


Footnote, the last shot, was the day after i got back, i got permission to ride a closed mountain road, and got Betsy up to where we laid my dads ashes.

Mt Fyffe, Southern Alps 1605m in Height. Dads at 1200m. What a place.

Dr650 Betsy.jpg

DR650 Bluff.jpg

DR650 Remmarkables.jpg

DR Rainbow.jpg

DR650 Dad.jpg

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Do ya’ll mostly pub/motor inn hop where possible or camp on longer multi day rides?

I’m kinda/maybe keen on adv in the near future but the thought of carrying enough basic gear for self sustained camping puts me off a little.

If your loaded up with camping gear, fuel, water etc are you basically limited to dirt roads/higher speed stuff?

Ive come across a few guys on loaded up large adventure bikes in the High Country and they all seemed to be doing it tough on the more challenging sections. 

Don’t know much about it, so happy to take some education 👍

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