LS conversion into a GQ Patrol


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Hi guys 

I’m looking at getting an LS put into my GQ patrol, I’m not that mechanically minded and don’t have the time to do it my self so looking at our sourcing the project. 
Anyone on this forum works or owns a shop that can sort this out for me or can recommend someone I would very much appreciate it. 

thank you 


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My simple advice is correct cam-heads-sump-ecu combination.
Dont get tempted with upgrading to high performance heads+cams+ecu.
Its all about low & midrange torque. Keep the stock cam & 853 heads to enable lower rpm torque for tractoring on hill climbs. A stock LS1's heads+cam combo is more suited in this revrange than a beefier LS2 or LS3 which share the same crank 3.622" stroke.
Plus a US truck style Deep 8L sump is plain common sense. Using a std commodore front shallow baffled sump will certainly guarantee its death upon any hill climb inclines.
Hope this helps.

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Yes that gq mental iv seen that for sale.

I’m using this as my touring car I only pretty much driven it over the last few years on my camping trips it’s all set up exactly how I want it. 
only thing it’s lacking is in the creature comforts namely power those old tb42 carbys does me and the run hot

Since were planing a trip around aus in it for my honey moon in December 

wanting to get the engine sorted aircon and cruise control just to make life a little easier when touring in it. 
poor man pays twice so wanna sort it all out properly. 

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Have you considered a 4.0 twin cam ford six? Very cheap, very reliable and quite an easy conversion, plus with the right mounts, you don’t need an engineers cert. It won’t have the grunt of the LS, but will go much better than the TB42 and what it lacks in power, it makes up for in torque.

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