Nasty’s Christmas ride at the Glasshouse


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Again an early start was needed 

5 bikes headed off just after 6am

one of guys offered to lead so my loop can wait.

off the fire trail and down into some nice flowing tracks then dropping into some narrow stuff 

Lucky I was following as over any blind mound can be a massive abyss so following someone who knows the lines was a must. 
we knocked over a couple of nice hill climbs which had some guys cooked . Off to some more flowing stuff with some rocky down hills and step ups . See photos 

all done by 10 ,, Merry Christmas 

some more photos added later in the thread :D








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2 hours ago, ktm-sean said:

looks so smoothe! no loose rocky stuff there that's for sure that we rode on at tallarook. 

The tracks we rode in the morning were loose Shail and I have seen some soft black /grey dirt so should be good in the wet 

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44 minutes ago, Gypsy501 said:

Nasty take it easy riding in that heat mate apparently a dirt bike rider passed away this year in the Glasshouse Mountains from dehydration.

I can see how that could easily happen.

you don’t want to sit in the sun for very long , 


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48 minutes ago, cluffie said:

Awesome stuff Nasty. A few of us boys might have to head up on a roadtrip next year once you have a good loop sorted. This would be cool.
Have a great xmas.

That sounds like a plan, I'm working on it 

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