Nasty in the Glasshouse

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My first ride in the Glasshouse mountains and it did not disappoint.

 I was told there would be cars everywhere at the unloading spot but given the expected heat I was first there. As I was preparing a few more cars rolled up.

I asked if they could point the way to the narrow trails and they were happy for me to tag along and show me the way.. Great guys 

Into a couple of warm up tracks where the drop offs were steep.
next Into a couple of flowing tracks , then into the jungle for an explore . One of the crew was cooked so we made our way out  and sent him on his way.

now off to the flowing narrow stuff ... like murrindi it went for ever,,,  I felt like a spew at the end. It was getting hot..

off to see “big red “and “The widow maker”we made our way down big red . I’ll save going up when it’s a little cooler. Maybe a lot cooler .....

Got back to the cars at 10am , the car temp said 42degress . I was cooked .... Loaded up and back to the beach for a swim.


My first QLD ride and my first on my newly tuned suspension. 
Tracks everywhere, this place rocks 





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Excellent Craig. Love the update from QLD ....must say 42 degrees at 10.00am is damn hot.

Not sure if I could tolerate that heat or the rediculouly ungentleman start time

As a reference, it was only 16 degrees here 10.00am.

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I’m not sure if that car temp was right . But there were other groups still out in the heat as they arrived later..

it’s full daylight at 4:30 

just had a nap after Some  d’affinois Cheese with prosciutto 

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2 hours ago, Grant_250 said:

Mate that sounds awesome besides the temp. I’ve recently moved from Melbourne to Brisbane and was so keen on this ride, but currently in Sydney for work in the new year I’ll be keen to head out with you early start early finish works well for me.

Hey Grant 

Sounds good


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10 minutes ago, Gypsy501 said:

Well done Nasty emoji106.png

I’m curious to know if your wearing your heated vest up there that you normally wear?

Also love your start timeemoji41.png

Apparently there is some good riding out west and YES it’s freezing out there in winter , the heated vest won’t go to waste . 1.5 hour drive 



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