PJ's Wombat Extravaganza

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Well what a bloody awesome day out at Wombat today, perfect conditions for riding. 

Thanks to Pepperjack for leading an incredible ride, it was a great mix of terrain with some tracks that are probably the most fun I've ridden. 

Thanks to Mess and Markey Eck for doing a great job as sweeps, providing plenty of encouragement and help along the way. 

The ride flowed very well with minimal hiccups besides my flat and subsequent stop after forgetting to do up the pinch bolts. Turns out the forks work better bouncing up and down rather than squirming side to side. 

If anyone is looking for a circus perfomer, I put in a great audition with a perfectly executed backflip. Markey Eck would give me a good reference. 

Looking forward to the next one!









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Thanks for doing the ride report Dan..

What a cool bunch of guys and an excellent day for a super loop.

Soo love them trails and the 1910 loop is becoming a fav..seems a good mix of it all. Not so sure about that 'little bit I added on' between the top of lunchtime hill and the cars.. definitely not a winter option that section.

So enjoyable seeing happy faces each time we stopped.

I lay on the couch when I got home and just woke up..I'm shagged!! Some toast and off to bed..love being so shagged after a ride.

Thanks again guys!

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Well another great day out on the bike, thanks Pepperjack for once again leading.

This sweep riding is pretty cool, i got to see all the falls and had a great time, not too much to do as I told them I’m not pushing anyone who is younger than me, haha that worked great for me.

Great time had by all on some great tracks

When do we go next

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Thanks pepperjack for a well organised little ride mate..conditions where perfect ,and some of that tight stuff absolutely lovely.cheers Mess for being sweep and dodging Tim's Big husabergs backfires,as I soon found out..Good job Tim for kicking that big 650 over and still having the energy to ride..Helmet Off to Disco Dan..After looping his 300 on a hill(we have all done that mate,,any1 who reckons they haven't are either lying or not trying),falling down a hole(thereabouts) and changing his front tube,the bloke still managed to ride very well at different stages and had a massive smile at the end of the day..full credit to u bud ,when shit like that happens it usually puts a dampner on an individual's ride but not yours....all the blokes where great in the group and flowed well.

Cheers again Pepperjack....

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Thanks guys for the great ride, don't ever recall riding that hard even when was riding often back in the day, my shoulders where sore for nearly a week form all the tight stuff we did, the big berg is getting looked at Thursday the 7th at Slipstream Sunbury, getting the carbie and suspension looked at, all ready for the next ride

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