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Playtime At Dissa Sat 30-08-19

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A big thanks to Sabo Crusty Frank Doug & Buzz for a great day out on the bikes with amazing weather conditions.


All the boys rode extremely well and all held there own with no hold ups or bike problems no injures, as a ride organiser and leader that’s all you wish for.


We hit all the big hills - even done Swamp hills 3 sisters and managed to put some more cracker hills in aswell.


We also done some track clearing for the GF ride.


Highlights of the day for me-


- Watching Sabo Frank Doug Crusty Buzz smash out 3rd gear hill ( right side root step up & rock face step up )


- Every time I got to a corner the boys were right behind me.


- Buzz and myself to conquer Swamp Hill from the bottom straight up through the centre valley ( big ruts ) for the first time ever.


- Me craping my pants as I come to a stop to turn around at the bottom to attempt Swamp hills 2nd sister and there was the biggest Black Snake iv ever seen in the bush next to my front wheel.


Thanks again guys, till the next one, Rock on







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Big thanks to Gypsy for posting up this ride. It was good to go out and have fun on a beautiful sunny day.
Track conditions were perfect. Track selection was even better.

My highlight was watching everyone hold there bikes pinned in 3rd up a pretty long and steep hill climb.

Also want to thank Buzz for all he's hard work putting tracks in and allowing us to enjoy them


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Thanks Gyspy for a great ride in Dissa
Buzz made a surprise visit and showed us a few beautiful spots along the way
The black snake was surely a surprise
Great riding boys
Thanks to crusty Doug for joining us
And sabo for sweeping

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Thanks to all the boys for the ride it was perfect conditions for riding.

A really good mix of terrain thrown in.

Have to be one of the best spots to ride if you no how to link it all up.

Always enjoy watching the boys having a crack at some serious hill climbs not often u here a 300 on the pipe working it’s way up a monster hill even though I’m on a 4 stroke there no better sound then that.

happy with my efforts got up 3rd gear hill and swamp easier than I ever have.

Thanks to Gypsy and buzz helping me get through my down hill phobia.

To all the boys solid effort handled everything dished up .

Bring on the grand final ride 




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Thanks Gypsy for posting the riding. I’ve been waiting awhile for the opportunity to jump on one of your Dissa ride. It was a nicely constructed mix of riding.

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