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25 AUG - Pepp and 3 @ Cobaw

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Well.. Morjef and I did an 11 hour epic adventure bike ride on Saturday (his first) and we were totally shagged last night. We saw that @jp426 had replied to the ride and as we rode bak through Romsey last night (late) I was thinking what would I say to warrant pulling the pin.. we really were shagged. We'd done Wombat Friday, Woods Point loop on the ADV Bikes Sat and had zero fuel left in the tank. So I checked drz and saw @MESS had jumped on as well. I said to Morjef.. looks like we're riding tomorrow 100% now - no pulling out. 

Rocked up (no pun!(Cobaw!)) at 9.23 and I was getting there why are you late signs from MESS and JP426.. wt? I'm 7 mins early. 

Quick kit up and we were off hitting the warm up loop. Morjef was on my 'Berg and I was on the tpi.  We did most of the loop from last time that RIles took us on but added a few new sections in that we found.. one which I found a killer! --.. but, fun. Got to say.. twas such a good group.  All solid riders - think I was the one holding the pace back!  I put the Level at 3 as morjef is pretty accomplished and probably an L4 rider so wanted to try and keep him happy and challenged.  Every time I looked back.. there were three bikes on my ass - nothing seemed to stop them in all reality. 

All in all a super good day out. 36km in 3 hours and I was well and truly shagged.  

Cobaw was just sensational.. soo much grip, so tractable - this is fast becoming my new playground and seems great for the skills. 

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I’m had a ball this weekend, Saturday with Harry at Noogee and Sunday with PepperJack at Cobaw, 2 totally different rides, both great fun and great guys.

Thanks for not pulling out, today was great, even the killer section.

Where to next :)

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