Cobaw 17 aug

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What a day.. WHATT a day.. weather..Soo good.!! Tracks were awesome..thanks to Riles for leading most of the way.. can't beat local knowledge.


20 riders...18drz plus 2 ringins from the car park. All went well for such a big group.


1 bike ran out of fuel riiiggt towards the end..did someone forget to fill up.??


I'd write more...but, I'm well shagged and need food/sleep.


Good to see yaz all and some new faces also78ccb2944b9f35c072490f1a9ef4829a.jpg109599d544f87e7e4baf0ce742df7ad3.jpg4e94e611c2a9dd5a413dd34818fd34bf.jpg10b30a6aea5a71169a469c48f8b1c685.jpg4da044bd90b74fae02dd0f1d77768b92.jpg

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Absolute top ,ride,group,awesome.thanks ian for putting it on,riles for the lead ,kiwi for a great job of sweep.loved it,first time at cobaw,sure am going back there.worth the extra distance for me.thanks everybody.

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Awesome day. Weather, tracks and people all spot on. The bike is in the shed dirty. I’m shagged. Time for a nana nap. Thanks Peperjack for organising the day and Riles for leading the way. Thanks also to Mrkiwimike for sweeping for the day. 

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Big thanks to Pepperjack, Riles and Mrkiwimike, plus the rest of you fellas.

It was a last minute decision to sh$t can work today and boy I'm glad I did. Never been to Cobaw and it didn't disappoint. The scenery was epic. Having ridden Wombat, Lal Lal mostly over winter it was a nice change not to have slimey tree roots and slick clay to contend with. Nice and loamy and traction everywhere. Reminds me of a mini high country with all the rocks.

For such a big group it flowed exceptionally smooth. Good effort to all on bringing well maintained bikes and riding to the level as posted. Thanks fellas.

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Great day everyone. Good to meet a great group. Michael, the beer was sweet thanks  ! It tested me but I'll  definitely will  go back to Cobaw. Thanks Pepperjack / Riles / KiwiMike. I'm  buggered also ..... of course ! 

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450 odd kms round trip for me from home and return slight detour on the way home, stopped to be a good bloke and help someone out who had just gone off the black stuff and sunk in some mud, I pull off to help out and guess what I’m stuck!! Not much good having a 4wd without 4wd tyres I gave Pepperjack a quick call and he’s this much of a nice bloke was gonna drive to he’s place in Sunbury grab some straps and come all the way back very much appreciated mate, lucky some nice locals driving past helped us both out not without giving me some shit.

So yeah the ride sorry...
what a awesome day out I’d never been to Cobaw and I would definitely go back what a place, Riles had us all sorted with the tracks plenty to enjoy out there thanks mate.
Pepperjack for getting it all happening for some reason you always seem to get a big group on your rides.
Mr kiwi thanks for sweep duties all day you were pretty busy at times helping bikes and riders over some tricky obstacles.
Thanks everyone for the day don’t think I’ve rode with anyone from today but hopefully will see some of you again.
Can’t wait for the next Cobaw ride.

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Thanks Ian,Riles and Mike for running a very smooth ride.

Offered Mike some relief from sweep duties about the half way point but he declined, But added...

"Its keeping me check from doing stupid things and hurting myself".

10 mins later a frisky Geoff side swipes a stump and makes a mess of his toe. #$%& and that hurt,Thanks Riles for the drugs.

Gee there was was very tired blokes in the car park at the end but all had big smiles and thats a sign of a good ride.




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