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bootless troubles!

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woke up late, splitting head ache was going to bail but it is bike season so chugged a red bull and we headed down, get to the drop point say hi to everyone and louie has forgotten his boots!!!!!! so its just a team of 4 while he rushes home gets a pair and meets us out, quite surprising the little hills around were so slippery with such little rain even when you celebrated to early you where off and momentum was gone, got to cocky and whiskey throttled up a tree the old ktm just bounce off things well now, we did 50 odd kms plenty off the good stuff fast flowing down hill like on a mountain bike i loved it, the creek was a mini ocean so we gave up on the swimming lesson, thanks for all the came shame it was a last minute find a shoot but enjoyed it.





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Good ride fellas, yes my boots disappeared from the van but with in a hour I was ready to roll. Perfect riding conditions no troubles. Was he second tie I have see some one try and ride up a tree was amazing. Even after every one left Stevie and I went out for another quick busy and hit some of the harder hills smashed most of them but I have unfinished business with one of the hills.

Till next time

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Well the video looks like you tried at least lou
Was a very laid back day but having been of the bike for a while and not wanting to scratch the new steed yet I enjoyed putting around , conquering some of the play hills and having lots of laughs.
Hadn’t rode with Ricky D & Mess before so was great to meet new faces... you boys hardly sat or put a foot down which looked mint on those big hills.
Thanks again fellas

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