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Mt Cole sand and Rocks July 20.

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Farmerbrown, Turbo Tim and myself got together on Saturday for a bit of spin round Mt Cole. Weather was perfect , All creeks aflowing, Rocky tracks flowing with water, Logs super slippery and another epic day of riding under the belt. We completed a new rock hill section that I found last week and another that's been dogging me for a while , Tim showed me a couple that have been bugging him. There's so many big bad hills there that are just begging to be ascended and they are tough, seriously tough, bike boiling and stop and have breather and pick your spot to go back down to, to get your momentum going again while you plan your next sections attack tough. I only took three pics all day, I'm a bit lazy with the new phone, still gettibg used to it. Thanks for coming FB and TT great to catch up and ride again . Thanks for the bbq after the ride Tim it always makes the drive home much easier. 59km and leg cramps in the last hour . I must be doing too many short km rides. I slept well Sat night. :)bd18dc6aac22a1524e4d944613d78b06.jpg1d95adfda0e8fa5bc8419b726c5b4c47.jpgdcba37c61ea315f19c90a9bad4221847.jpg

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