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Badger Down (Wombat 21 Jul, L3)

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This ride started out as just me and @Bad Badger wanting to get out again.. and him mostly being the culprit as his nipontendo yamahardly 45zero had sheet itself on the track the day before. He dropped it off to get sorted and was keen to get out on his WR250 today. So it was on.. I knew Mr Pink was riding this day and heard @IanM could be in the area with @kuller so there were a few unknowns. I'd decided I wanted to lead.. the main motivation being that the only way to really get to know these tracks is to be held to account. I'm usually following IanM or Mr Pink and not really even thinking about where we are so I thought, I'll lead a ride.. just Me and Badger.. and Jeff also. Jeff was cool to follow but always nice to have a local tourguide on hand should track selection advice be desired.  

Then I got to thinking about Off forum rides verses showing the love so posted the ride up and said two spots left - as I wanted to keep it real small. And then we had 4! .. but one pulled out @eric_705 so then there were 3 - plus Badger, Jeff and myself.  I posted it as a level 3 coz I was keen to up the pace and endurance a little with shorter rest breaks. I find personally I ride better when I go a bit harder.. I'm the same on the KTM1290 .. to a point, the challenge is finding that point ! I asked everyone to be punctual and they were (thanks!), sweet.. quick business, we were all dressed quick smart, bikes idling and we were off. 

Out of the car park and straight into it, warming up.. found some cool tracks to get the blood pumping. Not too long into things I heard badger calling me on the UHF.. turn around and back to the tail end.. there is Mr Pink with a fist full of sockets and a look of disappointment on his face. Turns out he had an issue with his gear lever.. we all tried to help but in the end it was a stripped thread requiring an Ezy-Out so a DNF was in order for Mr Pink as he limped back to his car in second gear - his day done sadly. And he'd come quite a ways also - nextime. 

Back into it and we headed essentially SW to IanM's favourite - Bee track.. I love that run for some reason. Many good detours along the way and a break at the river crossing at the bottom of Bee. We headed all over the place making out way up over NW a bit more tracking for one of my Favs. A Few red faces and stories to tell of nearly, almost. but.. at the top of that one. I said lets catch our breath as we head over NE side which we did. We did it as a commute but made it as much fun as we could with a few detours.  Nice to bump into @Misk with his mate on a very shiney new '19 kato 300exc - a fine choice I might say! 

NE had plenty of good stuff in store for us as we ultimately made our way to a nice little spot by the river. A quick blast off from there, some more arm pumpers to finish the day back off and we were done.  As we were packing up we were with the presence of some of the local royalty - @IanM & @kuller as they passed through en route back to their car -  nice to ketchup and surprising we didn't bump into them on the trails. 

All in all a very competent and quick bunch, we set a good pace the whole day. Minimals offs - just small stuff. My fav was hearing badger on the radio just before we headed over NE.. Maaaatey.. I might need some help here.. he'd been coming along a nice track with a mossy log over it and done the old trick of focusing on what you want to avoid (as opposed to the perfect track which went around said mossy log!) and then.. braap braap braappp.. up, over.. and...in the bush! Badger_Down

Enjoyed my first unassisted lead and nice to hear @MESS often saying.. that was funnn etc.  UHF with CTCSS set came in wayy handy yet again. 

@RickyD - please email me that file on pepperjack501@gmail.com - that was too cool.

I was a bit busy to take pics but others did.. could you post up please. 

Vital stats

  • We hit the trail at : 09:20.  
  • GPS said we did ~83km ( I only put tracking on a few Km's in)
  • Speedo said 91km
  • Track time : 5:21
  • back at the cars at 14:45
  • Riders @Pepperjack #Lead, @Bad Badger #sweep, Mr Pink (DNF-Mech), @leakinghusky  @MESS @RickyD


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Some happy snaps of the ride, thanks to everyone for keeping up the brisk pace, and Pepperjack with no safety net on put together a ride that had a bit of everything. For interest the image full of ferns is the scene of the 'incident with Bad Badger and his mossy log, well that's his excuse but we won't speak of it ever again.




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It was spooky bumping into you on the trail, but good to have a chin wag. 90 odd kays, sounds like a pretty good loop! I'll have to join you next time.

That KTM is less shiny now, and with a scratch or two thanks to some wet logs!


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Wow guys, one of the best rides i have been on. A great way to spend my birthday.

Thanks Pepperjack

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