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Winter Merchandise - With $5 from every order going to Beyond Blue


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Hoodies are $60 each,

Postage is $8 for one hoodie, $14 for 2 hoodies etc etc..

Please shoot me a pm if you need payment details.



Hi guys,

We have people wanting the same hoodies as the previous order, and some wanting hoodies with zips..

So there will be 2 different brands, to cater for this, both of the same quality...

Here is the link to the same ones ( JB wear ) as last time, with colour options and size chart,


And here is the link to the ones with full zip ( Winning Spirit )

Please keep in mind that the zip hoodies only come and Black or Navy


We will be going with a White print on the back of the hoodies, so Grey is pretty much the only colour that is out of the question.

Will need orders and payments ASAP guys, to be sure to get this order done quick.





Thanks all, have a cracker weekend.


Berg300Simmo -  x1 2XL Black zip PAID

Eagle -  x1 Medium Navy zip  PAID

Baz450 - x1 XL Charcoal/Pea Green,  x1 Small Grey Marle/Pea Green PAID

Bear - x1 Large Navy zip  PAID

Greasa15 - x1 XL  Black/Red PAID

Bill1601 - x1 Medium  Gunmetal/Aqua, x1 Gunmetal/Orange  PAID

Andy350 - x1 Large Black zip PAID

Efraim - x1 Large Gunmetal/Aqua  PAID

Habs - x1 XL Black/Orange, 1 Womans Small, Black/Orange, x1 Baby sz2 Black/Orange  PAID

Bad Badger - x1 Medium Black/Orange   PAID

Dano -  x1 2XL Gunmetal/Aqua, x1 XL Black/Aqua  PAID

Yatesy - x1 Large Navy  zip  PAID

Burnzie - x1 Large Black/Red PAID

Ouzo - x1 XL Black/Aqua PAID

Dazman - x1 Medium Marle/Black, x1 XL Black/Red, x1 2XL Gunmetal/Orange PAID

King Davey - x1 XL Black PAID

BushybrowsDBT - x1 Large Gunmetal/Aqua PAID

Murdoch - x1Medium Gunmetal/Aqua, x1 Kids sz4 Gunmetal/Aqua, x1XL Gunmetal/OrangePAID

Woodsy300 - x1 XL Black/Orange , x1 Small Black/Orange PAID

KTM Shane - x1 2XL black zip,x1 Womens Large black zip  PAID

LucasB - x1 2XL Navy zip  PAID

Geoffro - x1 2XL Black zip, x1 3XL Navy zip PAID

Nathan - x1 2XL Black zip PAID

Poor Bastard - x1 XL Marle/Pea Green PAID

Mario Topline - x1 Large Black zip PAID

Bel - x1 Small Gunmetal/Aqua PAID

Guy - x1 XL Black zip PAID

Mrnoodle - x1 XL Gunmetal/Orange PAID

Sheeny - x1 Large Gunmetal/Green PAID

Roland - x1 Medium Black/Pea Green PAID

2t4me - X1 XXL Black with Orange PAID

Glenncr - x1 XL Black zip PAID

Missmudd - x1 Medium Ladies Navy/Sky Blue PAID

Macca - x1 XL Navy zip  PAID

Moo - x1 3XL Gunmetal/Red PAID




Click this link below for the Dirtriderz Jersey Order


Mock up of the Hoodie.




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