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Bike ran great on Thursday, took it home and washed it then the next day it had developed a misfire underload. It starts, idles and free revs good and is ok once at the topend of powerband. I’ve tried

New Air filter

New spark plug, has a nice clean spark

New fuel filters

Securing the earth wire

Checked and cleaned all plugs

Dropped it at KTM but they couldn’t find anything on the diagnostic, uploaded the latest map.

2019 250 TPI

You can hear it misfiring in the video. Anyone got any suggestions?





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Change the plug? You could try a NGK BPR7EIX instead of the ZGR7 if in a bind?

Injector blocked? Suggest to your dealer to have them cleaned...l've taken diesel and car injectors to a place in Campbellfield (BSP) to have them cleaned/serviced and l don't see these TPI injectors being any different to a auto injector it's not like they are high pressure common rail injectors!

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Must be something water related if it just happened after washing the bike. Plenty of extra stuff on a tpi that it could be. A good dealer should be able to find it so take it to another dealer.
It's a bad practise to start a bike after washing it unless you intend on warming it up fully and riding it for at least 30mins.

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Issue is now fixed. After hours of tearing into the bike and testing things out I managed to narrow it down to the Crank case pressure sensor. The sensor itself was ok but it wasn’t sealing properly. The CCPS inlet joins onto a bracket which connects to the vent hose. It was somewhere in between these three mating surfaces that the leak had developed, perhaps water or dirt had gotten in. I resolved the issue by removing the CCPS from the bracket and connecting it straight to the vent line and using hose clamps to ensure 100% seal. I’ve ridden it 4 times now and it rides like new.

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