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RecReg procedure

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Hi All, can someone please point out what the current procedure in getting Rec reg for a ttr125?  Is is as simple as fitting a “kit” and then booking in with vicroads for inspection and then pay?? Or have I missed something?? Thanks 

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Pretty much sums it up...
The Vic roads site has a list of exactly what the bike needs, once that all done and working book an appointment, take the bike in with proof of ownership and assuming it all passes then pay the fees, take it home and fit up the number plate and enjoy.....

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Hi Rowdy
Ive recreg'd 3 bikes at 3 seperate vicroads camps last year. 2 bikes were previously registered many years ago. One was a put together bike.
The common denominator was the VIN & Engine #'s needing to be clean (not stolen) & matching previous owners details in vicroads database.
The put together bike had accompanying purchase receipts from bike wreckers that i bought frame & engine cases from outlining the vin & case #'s. Vicroads did the rest without many questions.

Next came the physical inspection & apart from VIN checks, this is what i observed they looked at on bike.
Bike #1 : Headlight & Horn sound check but didnt notice i didnt even have a mirror afixed. Didnt even look for a working rear brakr light.
Bike #2 : mirror only & nothing else. Didnt even ask to start bike & scrutinize further.
Bike #3 : didnt even ask for a mirror as i had it in the boot of car. Didn't even ask to start bike but the engine was in half being rebuilt so was missing head, cylinder piston etc. I was expecting to get knocked back but Beat That !!!

I guess your at the mercy of the tester on the day. Some testers are thorough & inquisitive while others weigh more importance on just the database vin/engine Admin details to roll you.out fast.
But if you want to be sure to be sure, i suggest have a bike that starts & has a working headlight, rear brake light & horn, Right hand mirror, decent looking tyres, no oil or water Leaks & generally visually clean. Which is pretty much how you'd want your bike operating to say the least.
Hope this helps

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