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Free to good home : ELIRB/PLB(2nd hand)

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I've got a PLB (kannard safelink solo) which has passed its expiry. This means the batteries are no longer within spec.


I was going to get a battery exchange service done..$150 but I've decided I'm going to buy a new unit. ~$300


So..I'm giving this older unit away on the following terms..:


- people who actually ride preferred

- people who ride solo preferred

- whilst this unit is out of spec it will still work fine : of course, not as good as a fresh/new one.

- if you already have one..clearly this is not for you

- you'll need to register it with AMSA

- if you ride solo at the moment..having a 'not perfect EPIRB' is much better than none. Case in point - the cable guys.

- you could just get the battery service done for $150 and you effectively have yourself a new EPIRB.

- even if AMSA say you can't use it because it's too old...trust me, you press the button in genuine emergency they'll be a coming.

- I would feel comfortable that this will work well for another year at least.

- pickup from my place in Sunbury...can't be assed posting it.


Note : EPIRB/PLB are effectively the same thing.. just form factor.


No lectures or commentary thanks. Just PM if interested. First come first served.



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