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Showa SFF Setup


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I have a 2015 CRF250R and I want to setup the suspension for trail riding. I know everybody recommends either swapping out the air forks for convential forks from a 2014 model or gutting them and fitting a spring kit but I want to perservere with them. I have tried to find settings online but to no avail, only found mx settings. 

Any help would be appreciated.

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Those airforks (like most airforks) don't have a good reputation and most guys end up swapping them out.
I'd say, wind the clickers off a bit from the stock oem setting and run just enough air to use almost the whole stroke while normal riding and still resist bottoming. A bottom out here and there on g outs or big hits is ok as long as it's not bottoming out hard as this can cause damage if you persist like this.
Do some testing over the same tracks to get it in the ballpark then go for a normal ride to finely tune. It takes time to dial them in.
Kroozetune do good work and have a good conversion kit for these if you can't sort them out to your requirements.

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These forks are very harsh even with the clickers wound off, most tuners can get them pretty good but not right.
Most do a spring conversion or I just do up a CC setup for them off the earlier model bikes. 
Done like 3 of them in the last few months for guys, but would have to check to see if I can get another set of CC's 

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