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2018 Annual Weekender Tee Shirts

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Evening all,

Due to life getting in the way, i have cut it very fine to get this years annual shirts done in time.

Long story short, the printer needs the order in by the 17th, which literally leaves us 4 days....

I will put up a mock as soon as possible, this years shirts will be Purple with White print ( as most know, we do a different colour every year )

They will also be a different brand ( great quality ) so please be sure to check the size chart out and measure armpit to armpit.

The shirts will be $35 each. plus postage for those who cannot make it.

There are both guys and ladies shirts, kids, and infants  lets get partners, daughters etc reppin the shirts this summer.

This is not an E.O.I, this is the actual order, please place your order and sort payment before the 17th Sep to avoid missing out.


List :

Baz450 - x1 kids 14, x1, XL ** PAID **

Yatesy - x1, Large ** PAID **

Sheeny - x1, Large ** PAID **

Efraim - x1, XL ** PAID **

Noodles - x1, Large **PAID **

KTMshane - x1, 3XL, x1, Ladies 12 ** PAID **

Eggcr500 - x1, Large, x1, Ladies 12  ** PAID **

Andy350 - x1, Large ** PAID **

Trailz - x1, kids 8, x1, kids 10, x1, Medium ** PAID **

Mario Topline - x1, Large ** PAID **

Glenncr - x1, XL ** PAID **

Geoffro - x2, 2XL, x1, 3XL, x1 Ladies 16 ** PAID **

Maccastrewth - x1, Large ** PAID **

Woodsy300 - x1, XL

Odie - x1, Medium ** PAID **

Eagle - x1, Medium ** PAID **

Missmudd - x1, Ladies 14 ** PAID **

Poor Bastard - x1, XL ** PAID **

Fletch - x1, XL ** PAID **

Marc64 - x1, XL ** PAID **

Geoffyboy - x1, 2XL, x1 Ladies 16 ** PAID **

Ianm - x1, XL ** PAID **

Felroy - x1, XL, x1 Ladies 20

1800Drew - x1, XL ** PAID **

Ouzo - x1, XL ** PAID ** P

Bear - x1, XL ** PAID **

Biggie - x1, 2XL ** PAID **








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Sounds good mate I'll grab 3 t-shirts
1 x kids size 8
1 x kids size 10
1 x adult size medium

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1 Large for me please good sir

2 hours ago, ouzo said:

Pardon my ignorance but how do we pay ?

PM Geoffro for payment details is the easiest way unless you already have his details from a previous order

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Hi Geoffro I've just made payment for the 3 tshirts we'd like... let me know if you don't get it mate

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