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level 1. ADV, Blackwood/Trentham area

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And so it began...a day on the ADV bikes. Roger hasn't done much off road for a while so he was taking it VERY easy (read:slowww )


Was a bit lame to start off with...as I was going slow pace...nearly fell asleep lol. After lunch Roger went to Clunes and I went solo and picked up the pace..muuuch bettterer, I think as I get older my ability to go slower is fading..maybe the ADD is increasing . Took Yankee road off the main drag between Trentham and Blackwood...twas sensational. Passing old mining sites and cool Forrest's.


Had one of the best Pie's Ive had in a while at the Trentham bakery..cracked pepper pie. I'll be back there.!!20a83fd72f435d763d37a63008606a17.jpgf24f73d7bc97127b41679eee2ad2c65f.jpg

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