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Father’s Day Dissa


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Couldn’t think of a better way to spend Father’s Day than morning ride with a good bunch of blokes and a barbie in the arvo with the family.

15 riders started and the rain yesterday made for some slow going at times with some slippery hills covered in even slipperier roots.

About 20ks in we stopped for a break after a small creek section only to have our sweep Gypsy arrive minus one rider. Apparently his bike had over heated and spat all the coolant out as well as flattened the battery. After a brief discussion it was decided 3 capable guys would ride back and try to get him going enough to get out to the main road.

After a while we got the call that they got him going and were on the way back, but by that stage time was getting on and 4 of us took an alternate route back to the cars to get home in time. The rest of the group were going to keep going for a bit longer.

Thanks Dusty for leading us, and thanks Gypsy for sweeping.

I only got a few pics of the rest stop and the boys getting the fire going.

I hope the rest of the ride went well.



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Cool guys... I've been lamo this weekend....even lamer than@BearMX ..though I did some awesome 4wd tracks up around Maldon/Castlemaine area. Sooo going back here on the 1290supernator

Took the woman for a roadtrip.. only to have it out (out, not off) ... we're going through some of the most pristine country...look over, she's liking random shit on Facebook..words were spoken, silence ensued. I was just thinking..why didn't I do this solo.? On the bike..? Some things are better left at home...

Anyways... slightly jealous at not being with the family (you guys) but..I'm well over slippery sheet. Bring on the better weather so we can complain about the dust..!!!!

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I'm hearing ya loud & clear.
Mayb i can join you, that way we can have more meaning & fun in being out there raising mud or dust, instead of being stuck out there with disconnected disinterested other halves who really have no interest in our dirtbike passions.
Long live this dirtriderz family!

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Thanks Dusty for organising another great Dissa ride and to Gypsy for sweeping all day, let me say he was very busy even with the bike rescue TWICE!!! It was great to catch up with some blokes I hadn't ridden with in awhile and meet some more Dirtriderz, great banter. Gee I made some stupid mistakes today, and may have to stay a little calmer. Thanks boys great day out.  

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Now that's what I call a fathers day well spent!

When I posted this ride up on Wednesday afternoon I didnt bother capping it as I thought i'd be lucky to end up with 5 or so riders due to the short notice and the fact that it was fathers day! How wrong was I! not only did I have a fairly constant stream of people saying they were coming but it ended up being a bit daunting with the calibre of riders!

We ended up with 15 attendees on the ride and pretty much had the Forrest to ourselves - I think I saw maybe 5 or 6 other bikes and 1 group of 4x4's for the day which was perfect!

We headed off just after 8:30 following the same basic loop I've done on my last 3 or 4 outings (which unfortunately stretches over the past 10 or so months :( ). The ride through the first section flowed well with I beleive only a small bit of carnage on our first decent longish rock climb (lets say I was very pleased with my new rear tyre - was much better than my last outing on a totally flogged old S12!). from here once we had all bunched up we hit a old favourite section of narrow track but unfortunatly discovered about 3/4s of the way through that the loggers have moved into this area. with a little bit of looking we found the last section of this track and were able to complete the last little section which is a shot but challenging (i.e. rutted and rooted) climb. it was at the top of this little climb that one of the crew uttered words that would later come back to bite him - something about his road tyres handling it well..........

From here we covered a few k's of transport, including one section of ice rink like shiney red clay which I'm led to believe caused a few arse puckering momments back in the pack!, to get us to our next section of challenging fun trails.... The first climb proved to be its normal challenging self (might have to shelve this track until the weather turns I think), once everyone was up we pushed on through probably 5 k or so of Dissa bliss. that bliss includes another climb which can be fun when damp but generally doesnt really cause any issues so once I was up I just pushed on as normal (I must confess though I did stall on one of the first sections of the climb and my bike decided it would be a right royal prick to start again, and when it did finally restart i had to lift the back over the lovely little root that was in front of it... I did get some assistance here which I believe was from our friend with the road tyres)... I made it almost to the end of this track and down to the creek where I decided to wait for a few bikes to turn up (was amazed to not have had anyone up my clacker at this point!).. as bikes started to arrive I set off again to get through to the end of the trail for a planned break at the base  of Ladder track. once again people started to rock up and before to long our sweep for the day (Gypsy) turned up with the bad news that we had a broken down bike in arguably the worst place of the whole ride. Apparently in attempting to make it up one of the climbs the big WR450 had lost its clutch, spewed out all of its coolant and flattened its battery - seems those road tyres maybe weren't handling it all that well after all!.

Gypsy, Olly and Pittman then headed back up to him to take the battery out of Olly's carby'd 2t kato and hopefully breathe new life into the WR and get him back to us....

in the meantime Cruiser got a nice little (very smokey) fire going and proceeded to dry his socks out whilst we all stood around discussing the state of the world! after maybe 40 or so minutes we got a call a call that they had him going and were about to start heading down to us. Unfortunately as time had started to get away from us we had 4 guys depart at this point so they could keep their afternoon commitments. 

When the rescue crew returned we headed back out to the road and to a point where we could swap the batteries back and point the WR"s rider back to the cars (the WR's battery was now charged enough to start the kato with no issues).


So now 10 of us headed off to do an abbreviated version of the 2nd half of the ride. this section flowed really well (with the exception of a couple of gumby moments on my account on 2 different climbs!). I made the call to by-pass the main creek section due to a desire not to drown any bikes and instead headed up a normal down hill track which was challenging but fun all the same! At Gypsys request we then headed over to 3rd gear hill so he could make sure it was possible in 3rd on the new 250 2t... and sure enough it was!

Conscious now of the time we made our way back, via swamp hill for Gypsy and Pittman and the chicken track for the rest of us, then back down the earlier mentioned track in the right direction before finishing off with a trip up Ladder track...


Personally I had a blast and was pretty much cooked a the end (so so not bike fit!) - and was ready to head home for a long hot shower, a few cold bevvies and a nice steak diner with the family...


thanks for all who came and a big thanks to Gypsy for sweeping the day and leading the resuce op!



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I didn't take may photos, but here's what I got!

First one wasn't the ride as such, but for me it was a photo that has been on my bucket list for 10+ years! 5 years ago I had plans drawn up to extend our house and add a garage under the roof line.. earlier this year we started work on it. On Saturday I finally got to load my bike onto my trailer in a garage the day before a ride - and to top it off it was raining out side at the time!!


Before heading off


A cracking section of track


My best side!


Crusher drying his socks off


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Had a blast yesterday. Thanks 2t4me for hosting yet again another cracker of a ride out at Dissa. 

I thought the ride flowed not too badly considering the level of the ride and the caliber of riderz that attended. I tried to stay out of the way of the Guns and get around anyone that looked like they were struggling on hills. Seemed to work for most of the time. -_-

Only one incident where Petern stopped in a stinky puddle towards the end of the ride and proceeded to spray a couple of us that had stopped right behind him. Would of been nice not to have had that. ;)The lunch time stop saw us doing our best to get wet wood to burn and then proceed to smoke my socks. 

Loved all the tracks. Gave the big hills a miss. But I do find the chicken trk that goes round Swamp hill to be a treat. Love that rutted out piece of road.

Big thanks goes to Gypsy for doing the hard yards down the back of the pack. After lunch the ride flowed a bit better and Gypsy got to have a bit more of a play.

Anyway 2t, for an unfit bastard, you host a good ride.

till we ride again




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Cheers Dusty for leading a great ride yesterday , had an awesome day

The day started out with a very close call doing 100kms along Wallan Whittlesea road and car pulled out on me causing me to swerve to avoid him I noticed he had a bike on his ute and thought I bet he will be going to the ride lol , as I pulled up the ute was there and as I’m getting out my ute he was straight over to apologise . All good nobody was hurt but f*ck me that was a close call

The tracks was in prime condition and made for a great day , as I was coming up one hill there was a bike that was steaming like a train and it turned out this was the bike that broke down . Jeez that bike was steaming lol I would be investing in a fan and a good tyre if I was you . ASAP !

Couple funny moments for myself but gypsi and hoff might not agree
I was in creek on a corner for some time then the sweep gypsi drops in and he was NOT HAPPY lol with the said bike above - he laughed a little later on
Then on another corner I was waiting and hoff followed to closely behind someone going up a small slippery hill and he came back rolling down and was that mad he chucked his bike to the ground , so I jumped off my bike and picked up his bike with him pat on the back come on hoff calm down lol
Then a laugh

Then there was a camp fire , drying socks 🧦. And the second part of the loop flowed very nicely with more awesome tracks

Cheers Gypsi for sweeping all day and again Dusty for bringing the drill and bits for my hand guard 🤙

See you on the next ride mikep

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