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Fathers Day 2018 ..!!!!???

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Fathers day.. like Christmas, Easter and all those. You either love them or you hate'em.  No doubt there are plenty of Dads on here who have split up with their missus and the kids went with Mum.. it's kinda the norm these days. 

I'm writing a post here because this Sunday is fathers day.. and typically on fathers day, more than many other days , Dads can get very depressed and sometimes take their own lives - it happens, the press don't cover it - but it happens a lot. 

I've been in that place(ie low, lonely etc), I get how it feels but thankfully I'm out the back of it now.  The thoughts you get at that time are quite illogical but sometimes when you are in that space you can't see a way out. 

So I'm saying.. if you are just hanging around and not doing much.. and a riding mate of yours is solo that day.. call him up and say hello or drop in for a brew (not beers as that is a depressant) or.. go for a ride.! 

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