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Grangers Repel

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I've been using the same Malcolm Smith Racing enduro jacket for years now. Nothing special, zip off sleeves a few vents and more what I'd call water repellant than water proof. It's been washed many times and I noticed as of late it's not shedding water as well as it used to. So I headed over to Anaconda to see if they had some Scotchguard spray or something and ended up with this Granger clothing repel product. It comes in a liquid and you put a cap full in the washing machine with the clothing. I put the MSR jacket in with the product and figured why not throw in a pair of pants and gloves as well since there was room.
I was amazed at the results, I sprayed the jacket with water and it just beaded off and it was the same with the pants. Went riding this weekend and although it didn't rain it was still wet and I got splashed and sprayed plenty. When I got home I was all ready to throw everything in the wash but noticed the jacket and the pants weren't even dirty. I know I got roosted a few times pushing bikes up hills and even took a big splash from another rider that hit a bog hole. All it took to clean the pants and jacket was a damp cloth and a few wipes. Maybe it's a fluke but the stuff seems like it put a teflon coating on the fabric. It's a bit pricey at $27 which should be enough for 5-6 washes but I expect I will only need to do it occasionally. daba07f2770b08116686567e9237228a.jpg&key=737d7f79842c677460a9fe71c7afedec550f05eee439ba59cca16d6605a563e1

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