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Hey all,


Some of you may already know about it but MX store are doing a massive promo giveaway.


With 20 different packs from pee wee girls to adult MX with a 100k prize pool in total!


Im personally going for pack #4 so if you ladies and gents have a spare minute up your sleeve could you please vote for me!


It would be a massive help financially for my 2018 race season and achieving some goals


The link to vote for me (Taylor. S) > http://woobox.com/2dw3gx/gallery/8h1VRuxBcVo






P.s also a good opportunity for other members to win some free stuff so get on board people!!



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Also just a bit of a FYI

When you vote and enter your email address it's not to smash you with spam emails ect...
So if you were going to vote and didnt because of this it's not the case!

It's so they can regulate 1 vote per person every 24hrs - so in saying that ypu can vote more than once

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