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Beer for a bike

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So while at a ride at  Tallarook November last year we came across a vinduro, upon speaking to a couple of lads I was offered an RMX for 6 cans of his prefered brew ! OK -  so picked up bike and gave him a slab. Bike missing front end, now on a PE250, the engine apparently was stuffed but found fault was magnets on flywheel had come adrift locking engine. So now I have many usable spare parts including a spare rear wheel which needs attention before fitting a trials tyre for a slide day later this month. Just one small note, this bike appears to have done less work than my bike but has been worked on by butchers rendering the bike too its grave - my gain, their loss. I have seen many posts with pictures of bikes being worked on without thorough cleaning before disassembly, believe me if you work this way you are doing more harm than good - always clean your bike before any maintanance as dirt is a mechanical components worst enemy.   

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