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I was going to post this up in the depression thread.

But figured its worth its own thread, due to the importance and the realness of this topic.

I have noticed a lot of posts on various levels of social media in the last few weeks regarding suicide. Even read the stats of male suicides per week, and the figures were staggering and sad.

Similar advice below that was given in the depression thread, but if you have a mate, you suspect might be a bit down, or going through a tough patch, reach out, give them a call, take them out for a feed or a beer.....

This time of the year also, leading up the Christmas, can be a hard time of the year for many, missing a loved one that is no longer with us, etc etc etc...

Be there for your mates, brothers, sisters, family!!!!!

Below is the suicide hotline phone number,


Below is the link to lilfeline,


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Good post Geoffro and Hoff. A lifetime family friends daughter ( teen) tried to hurt herself just a few months ago after copping a cavalcade of online abuse from a crappy ex boyfriend. Online abuse is a horrific thing and often onlookers are too frightened to say anything for fear they may become the hunted. Sadly this silence works as fuel on the fire and has people questioning themselves and their self worth.
If you see it happening and you don't have the courage to speak up in arena - send the person a message and say yeah that was wrong - at least then they know they aren't completely crazy. Something is better than nothing!

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Excellent topic mate and one we should all be aware of.

Truthfully I had paid little attention to this until a very dear friends son - Who I had looked after as a little boy and in many ways treated as my own son took his life three months ago at just 23. 

I will never ever not act when someone tells me they are struggling again.

8 people a day take their own lives in Australia. Over 3,000 a year.  - Just let that sink in for a moment... 

The government has a policy of not reporting suicide as there can be an effect that makes others more likely to follow suit once they hear others have done it so it is often hidden and not discussed until it is too late.  

Joel's death has made me question lots of things and my heart goes out to any other family who has experienced loss from suicide. 

If you are in this place remember you are not alone, many don't care but many more do. 

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(DISCLAMER) After sinking a few froffies finishing a 17 hour shift and a follow up 3hrs with 4 hrs sleep I feel i can reply.

Speaking from in depth experience on this topic in regards to high anxiety and a specialised depression disorder i would like to share my 2 bob.

Over the last 35 odd years i have suffered greatly to the point of hitting the wall as the say a few times. Everyone has there own story not to better any other but I say this speaking from personal experience and not from a trained perspective you are not the only one out there and you have options to chose from.


Life is a battle as they say and you need to look at it in that light as when your in the bunker fighting for your life you need to find an alternative to see you through.


Too many times have i heard people suffering say they don’t want to speak out for fear,there is no fear because at least 60% of the nation is in the same boat and from what I can tell a good proportion of DirtriderZ are too.


I have planned to live my life accepting my disorders and working with them to the best of my ability such as forcing myself to lead rides meet new people and to help similar people.


Call me a mater but you may as well join the good old aussie tall poppy brigade which causes most of our insular behaviour.


Please do not look at me or anyone different after reading this,look at it as a lesson on how to treat struggling people equal. A lot of members i have spoken to have devulgded their story and it is more than you think.


We currently have a member whom i am deeply concerned about right now who is going through a separation and is showing signs of weekness. This shit is real and not to be mocked by a lesser human. Grow some cohones and help your fellow man/woman.


My example building a bridge is this,i arrived home tired and in a relatively good mood and in order to continue that mood I lit a fire and wanted to cook my first damper. Not somuch a success as followed in the photos but you learn to overcome.


You have chosen the best solo mind strengthening sport there is as in you set yourself goals to conquer and when you do you did it on your own with fellow riders to share it with.


People do not stop playing because they grow old,they grow old because they stop playing.


Do not be scared to speak to me after reading this because im like nearly everyone you speak to.


All are welcome on my rides






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Well done Andy! I've been quiet of late on this topic, just looking after my own mental health. 

If you know your struggling it's time to get help, there are plenty of help lines to ask for assistance!

If you have no luck there please go to your GP and get help,it's also good to find one trained in mental health.

Myself I have no shame I've got a great team to help me out, no reason to keep struggling by yourself, at least find out if you have a problem!



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