Husky 2012 TE310 EFI start / stop/ no key switch
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richardg    531

QUESTIONS  for the husky  owners:

1: my bike does NOT have a key switch, just two buttons on the handle bars one for start one for stop, or kick start... all works.... very odd for me....i press the stop button it turns off and i park the bike walk away key... (easy to steal?)
2: if there is no key switch, how and when does the EFI prime up??? i just press the button and it instantly starts... i don't hear any priming prior to it starting....
3: it also kicks first go ...remember no key switch, just kick it and it starts , so when does in pressurize the EFI ????

Hope some can shed some light on this..... bike works fine, but my curious minds wants to know how and when the efi pressurizes ?

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