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Overlaying GPS Tracks to Google Earth Tutorial

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I thought I would make a short tutorial for everyone on how to overlay your GPS tracks to Google Earth as per the picture below.



The GPS I use is a Magellan Explorist 110, considering this is an entry level GPS Im sure all other brands/models will be the same.


Requirements for this tutorial are:

Windows Computer


USB to GPS cable

Software Requirements:

ITN Converter    Click here for ITN Converter

Google Earth Desktop Click here for Google Earth


To start with install both Google Earth and the ITN Converter.

Create 2 new folders on your desktop and name the first one My GPS and the second Google Earth Overlay.


Plug your GPS into the computer with the provided USB to GPS cable.

 When the GPS is connected to your computer and powered on, open File Explorer on your computer and navigate to your GPS.  (Just like when you are accessing something from a USB)


Now you will need to copy and paste the contents of your GPS to the folder you created on your desktop named My GPS

(I do this to make sure no corruptions of the GPS files occur during the converting thus leaving the intergrity of your GPS unchanged)




Open the program ITN Converter that you downloaded and installed at the start of this tutorial.

Click on the Open button and navigate to the folder named My GPS on your desktop, inside the folder navigate to the Tracks folder and select one of you tracks you have created from your GPS that you would like to overlay in Google Earth.

Still in ITN Converter you will need to change the Export file format to Google Earth (*.kml)use.thumb.png.b1ff87b5c0973898e5a3008224


Then select Export then navigate to the folder on your desktop that you named Google Earth Overlay and select Save.




Close the ITN converter now as we are finished with this program.


Now open Google Earth on your computer, navigate to the top left hand corner of Google Earth and select File then Open and navigate to the desktop folder you created named Google Earth Overlay and select the file we converted in ITN then select open.



This will now open your GPS tracks in Google Earth, when you go to close Google Earth once you have finished looking at your fully sick trail loop remember to click on save so it saves your loops into your Google Eart for future viewing.



Hope this helps someone as I think it’s a great resource.


I have tried to make this as simple as possible for the people who are not that great with computers, for the people who are comfortable with computers I’m sure you can figure out any shortcuts in the process.

This is for Windows users, if you have a Apple Mac you will either need to give back your wifes laptop or grow a pair.

If you need any help just yell out and if I cannot help you I’m sure another member will be able too.  


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Just updated some broken links from this post.


A overlay from my getting ready for winter blow out the cobwebs ride today out at paddys.

todays ride.jpg

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You can upload and edit or start from scratch and download your newly or edited gpx at www.gpsvisualiser.com And change the background ground map to whatever you want google sat google rd google hybrid google terrain , osm etc...


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