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2010 wr 300

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Today I had my first ride on my new 300.

Mind you im a lvl 2 rider coming off a KX250f so Im setting the bar quite low :) lol

Ergos 7.5/10

Sitting on the 300 is kinda tall. Im 5ft 10 and portly so it did drop a little. The handlebars sitting are in the perfect position. Riding single track through the trees the bike feels thin. However when I stand up it seems the bars are a mile away. This maybe due that on my old 250F I had tapered bars with 1" bar raisers on them.

Suspension 8/10

Begin brand new the suspension felt great. I don't think ill need to do too much to it once it settles in. Possibly 10ml more fork oil may fix it and may got up a weight too. The bike seemed to deflect the rocks and bumps very very well. Rather than slam into them buck you off like my old 250 did. So far so good

Ride 8.5/10

With standard gearing it was perfect ofr the ST and fire trails. She luggs with ease and if you get a little excited with your right wrist she barks like a German sheppard. A mate said the roost of the 300 was unbeleivable and thrwing up tennis ball sized rocks. lol oops. It handled like it was on rails. The Husky really responds to agreesive turning and riding. You want it to go somewhere point it and shoot. Way better than my 250f

Overall 7.5/10

What really let me down was the broken throttle cable after 10 k's. Wasn't doing anything silly was on a firetrail and BAM no throttle. No Husky jokes please ant.. However that aside the 300 is something that everyone needs to ride at least once. The power, the handling and the look of the thing. Its sex on wheels. I can see many many years of fun with the 300 and there wont be a day where im slogging my guts out in a 3hr ironman, Vic off road series or even the 2011 Wildwood Extreme where I still will have a smile on my face because i own a 2T.

Thanks all


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Big effort for this review Dazza. Looks like you found the right bike for you. If it keeps you smiling, it says it all:sorriso3:

I found Ant's 250 fitted me well.

So you think you will do some competing on this? That'll make good entertainment, just like your recent MX experience.

I'm always itching for a 2 stroker to accompany my thumper in the shed, but things always pop up :confused:

See you at the Dirtriderz x-mas ride. Good to see you there on your noo machine going a NANG NANNNGGG NANG.

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