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Lindon    226
1 hour ago, Lockheed said:

Lindon, what is the make/model of your camper? I bought a Goldstream Storm recently which looks similar to yours in format and couldn't be happier... apart from the fact that I can't easily stick bikes on it.

Coleman Fleetwood Evolution ( E2)

I use a Aldi bike ramp to load and has tie down points on toy deck. Putting the bike on is ok its taking it off to set up is what  I find annoying if you are only staying for a night. and then having to put it back the next day. Maybe I just need to ride the bike more !!

  Build date 2007  I have had it for 8 years now and it has been gr8 to date, only issue I have had is a cable snapped on the lift mechanism and the crappy American tyres needed replacing early days, the gas fridge flu needed cleaning once, was advised to only operate on gas if the camper is dead level to avoid this in future. 

I have towed it through 2-2.5 feet deep water, and across many dirt roads, I do find it is heavy and wide when going bush maybe the wife just overloads it,  around 1300 kilos with gas and water loaded and nothing else. Best of luck and enjoy your upcoming camps.

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Scottland    5,303
9 hours ago, Lindon said:

Envious, it looks fantastic fishing rods,rifle or bow a moto bike and no wife.

What more could a man want in life. When is your planned trip ?

Looking like next year now. 

Not sure when, but July/August possibly.

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