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Found 2 results

  1. Hello again everyone, I'm looking for tyre recommendations for my 300 TPI... Thinking of swapping both tyres out sometime soon. I'll be running mousse tubes in front and rear. The bike came with Motoz Enduro 6 front and Motoz Tractionator on the rear, they seem alright for my riding.... My riding is VERY varied, about the only thing I haven't ridden in yet is mud and clay, we ride in beach type sand, mallee sand, bull dust, roadside trail dirt, etc, so probably looking at intermediate tyres that are good all rounders. Looking for something that will last and has good traction and cornering with Mousse tubes in them.. Any recommendations on which tyres would suit best? Cheers!
  2. Finally got this video done, only highlights this time for the ride... Running behind (about 3 weeks behind lol) so I thought I'd just do this and get started on the Ariel trail ride just past. Enjoy! Around near Burra on private property this time, was a good time with @Woody982 and my eldest brother too. Although looking back at footage, I can't help but feel i was going slow 🤣🤣
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