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Found 6 results

  1. Afternoon all, Am looking at getting a batch of merchandise done for the Winter months, Hoodies, Jackets or Polar Fleeces and some beanies... Just putting the feelers out there to see if it interest is there.. Have not locked exact products, prices etc etc in yet. But will post up all relevant info and some pics of examples shortly. Who's keen ?? and what would you be interested in ?
  2. PAYMENT FOR HOODIES ARE NEW DUE, PLEASE INBOX ME IF YOU DO NOT HAVE PAYMENT DETAILS... THE SOONER WAY PAY, THE SOONER I CAN PLACE THE ORDER CHEERS GUYS This order is now going ahead, ** PLEASE BE SURE TO CHECK THE LIST TO SEE IF I HAVE YOUR ORDER DOWN CORRECTLY** ALSO, COLOUR OPTIONS VARY FROM ZIP TO NO ZIP STYLE HOODIES.... Can people please post up and express interest, and let us know if your keen on a hoodie or shirt, or both. Prices will continue to stay the same, hoodies $50 each, plus postage - $8 for small/light items, $15 for bigger packages... Once we get an idea on numbers, i will post up the finer details. Its neither a necessity, or compulsory to purchase merchandise, but it would be a nice change to see some other people chip in and rep a shirt or hoodie, instead of the same people every year. Thanks guys P.S They will have our dirtriderZ logo on the front breast ( small logo ) and big logo down the sleeve and across the back of the hoodies at the bottom. List so far, Tingles - x1 Light Blue, Medium no zip **PAID** POSTED!! Benrmz450 - x1 Black, XL **PAID** POSTED!! Kossy - x1 Dark Heather, Large, x1 Indigo Blue, Medium **PAID** POSTED!! Coggs - x2 Black, 2XL no zip **PAID** POSTED!! Kingdavey - x1 Purple, XL no zip, x1 Black, 2XL no zip **PAID** POSTED!! Husky310 - x1 Navy, Large no zip **PAID** POSTED!! Trailz - x1 Navy, Medium **PAID** POSTED!! Pickers - x1 Black, XL **PAID** POSTED!! Noodles - x1 Dark Chocolate, XL **PAID** POSTED!! Travla82 - x1 Black, Large **PAID** POSTED!! Cobraone - x1 Navy, Large **PAID** POSTED!! Rwcfrank - x1 Black, 2XL no zip **PAID** POSTED!! Petern - x1 Black, XL **PAID** POSTED!! Missmudd - x1 Navy, Medium **PAID** POSTED!! Nickg450 - x1 Navy, 2XL no zip **PAID** POSTED!! Ktm-sean - x1 Black, XL no zip, x1 Dark Heather, XL no zip **PAID** POSTED!! Burnzie - x2 Black, XL no zip **PAID** POSTED!! Mick - x1 Dark Heather, XL no zip, x1 Black, XL no zip **PAID** POSTED!! Efraim - x1 Sports Grey, Large **PAID** POSTED!! Andy350 - x1 Black, Large no zip **PAID** POSTED!! 5thatride - x1 Black, 3XL no zip **PAID** POSTED!! Yz250wr - x1 Black, Small no zip **PAID** POSTED!! Geoffro - x1 Navy, 2XL, x1 Black, Large, x1 Sports Grey, 2XL no zip, x1 Large, Sports Grey, x1 Navy, 2XL no zip **PAID** Eggcr500 - x1 Sports Grey, XL, x1 Red, Medium **PAID** POSTED!! Ktmshane - x1 Black, 2XL **PAID** POSTED!! Bikerbiker - x1 Royal Blue, Large **PAID** POSTED!! Greasa - x1 Black, XL no zip **PAID** POSTED!! Bazza426 - x1 Black, Large no zip **PAID** POSTED!! Dirt Girlie - x2 Black, XL no zip **PAID** POSTED!! Crfadam - x1 Sports Grey, Medium no zip **PAID** POSTED!! Mario Topline - x1 Black, Large **PAID** POSTED!! Braddles - x1 Navy, Large **PAID** POSTED!! Dazman - x1 Royal Blue, XL no zip **PAID** PICKED UP!! Linny - x1 Purple, Small no zip, x1 Black, Large no zip **PAID** POSTED!! Yates - x1 Black, XL no zip **PAID** POSTED!! Lindon - x1 Black, 3XL no zip **PAID** POSTED!! Macka040872 - x1 Navy, 2XL no zip **PAID** POSTED!!
  3. EDIT : Hey all, We are going with 2 different coloured shirts for this years Annual Weekender.. Black shirt with Orange print, and a White shirt with Black print, the below mock is of the front of the shirt, the sponsors logo will take up the back of the shirt.. They are still $35 as other years, Even if you are not able to make it to the annual, please feel free to purchase a shirt, the more the merrier.. I need numbers by Monday, and payment either now or by mid next week, Cheers!! LIST: Me - x2, 2XL Black, x1, 2XL White , x1 Large White ( PAID ) HAVE EggCR500 - x1, Large Black ( PAID ) HAS Markr74 - x1, XL White ( PAID ) POSTED Baileyisme - x1, Large Black ( PAID ) POSTED Mrnoodle - x1, Large Black ( PAID ) HAS Dan - x1, XL Black ( PAID ) HAS Arbo - x2, Large, 1 Black, 1 White, x1, YM White ( PAID ) HAS Benrmz450 - x1, XL Black Baz250 - x1, XL Black ( PAID ) HAS Habs - x2, XL Black ( PAID ) Marko_fe250 - x1, Large Black ( PAID ) POSTED Burnzie - x1, Large Black ( PAID ) HAS Efraim - x1, XL White ( PAID ) POSTED Trailz - x1, Medium Black ( PAID ) POSTED Haveacrash - x1, XL White ( PAID ) POSTED Sheeny - x1, XL, x1, Small ( PAID ) HAS Felroy - x1, XL Black ( PAID ) HAS Dirt Girlie - x1, Large Black ( PAID ) HAS Stevestegz - x1, Medium ( PAID ) POSTED Ausberg - x1, Large Black ( PAID ) POSTED Ktmshane - x1, 2XL Black ( PAID ) POSTED 1800drew - x1, XL White ( PAID ) HAS Geoffyboy - x1, 2XL White ( PAID ) HAS Coise - x1, Large White ( PAID ) HAS Bradsta - x1, Large Black ( PAID ) PICKED UP Dakota - x1, XL Black, x1, XL White ( PAID ) HAS Crhill - x1, XL Black ( PAID ) HAS Woodsy300 - x1, XL Black ( PAID ) HAS Urustu - x1, Small White ( PAID ) Robdog - x1 XL White ( PAID ) Fletch - x1 XL Black ( PAID ) HAS Hey all, We will be getting the order for the 2016 dirtriderZ Annual Weekender shirts rolling.... Even though these shirts will be given out over the Annual weekender, its all about supporting our forum, and the sponsors that get behind us, so even if you are not attending the weekender, please feel free to purchase a T shirt and get behind dirtriderZ and the sponsors that support us... For what we have going here, and the value we get out of it, $35 for a good quality shirt that lasts for years is peanuts.... The front will look something like the pic attached, and the back will have the sponsors logo's in colour, We are yet to decide on the colour of shirt and print, but stay tuned, as its not far away.... Please post up your interest for a shirt, Thanks truck loads in advance!!
  4. Geoffro


    Who else is doing Dry July this year ? Great cause, and good to give the body a break
  5. Hey all, I have an abundance of merchandise, most of which i have had sitting in a spare room for a very long time. I try and have always tried not to push the merch thing too hard, as i am not really interested in making money off it.. I would just actually like to offload some of it, to A, get it out there, and B clear out some space in the spare room. There is a heap of T shirts, Large vinyl decals, Stubby holders, Caps/Beanies and whatever i can find, will post up a list of what is left in the next day or so, along with sizes and quantities etc etc... Hoping out of the 4000+ members we have ( albeit, some who have not logged on forever ) will lash out and show some support, for something a lot of members use/frequent on a daily basis.. Cheers!!
  6. Hey all, I have an abundance of dirtriderZ T shirts and stubby holders to sell, Be nice to see people who regularly use the forum get behind it and make a small purchase towards its running and maintenance costs, instead of the same members all the time.... Its a small outlay really for something that runs all year round..... Shirts are $25 each and Stubby holders $5 each plus postage, Will do FREE postage for anyone who purchases a shirt and stubby holder, and will also throw in some stickers... For a limited time only. Thanks in advance!!! Cheers!!
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