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Found 3 results

  1. 6 weeks is ample time to whip your body into shape and mind into shape. You won't be able to shed loads of body fat (if you're interested in healthy, sustainable fat loss) but 6 weeks is long enough to form and sustain healthy habits that will make you feel more confident. I'm planning to shed 6 kgs if possible and with the recent supermarket panic buying I'm guessing chips will be off the shelf pretty soon hahaha. Yes, you can lose weight in 6 weeks, but it might not be as much if you took 6 weeks to starve yourself and work at a ridiculous pace... and best of all be fitter on the bike c
  2. What a day! Temperature sored, smoke filled the air, hail stones fell from the sky, electrical storms lit up the skies, backyards were drenched in pools of water, temperature dropped by 15 degrees and power outages across Victoria! Is it the Armageddon? Or just Thanos breaking thru our atmosphere... (from Marvel End Game) So I figured we'd share tips on facing a power outage... Ques: 1. How and what do you do to keep your refrigerated consumables in the fridge or freezer from going off? 2. How do you shower wash without power? 3. How do you cook without power? 4.
  3. Was just thinking about some of the rides/times out on the pegs with friends and a few highlights funny moments came to mind: 1. Going for a ride out with @macca on his new Beta and coming back to find my trailer had been taken off the hitch and moved off into the distance... (@ Tallarook - you know who you are @Bear & @Pudmud & @Bad Badger & @dazzrmx) hhmmm smh lmao moment! 2. @dazzrmx riding an Italian princess... rather than the Suzuki (I introduced myself to the new rider lol) 3. @Andy350 on a log about to tip over and having the strength to lift him and his bike