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  1. silent


    You get another chance... we want that winning investment report done by 6am tomorrow morning. No excuses. Your family has already been told that you won't be returning home. There's a packet of instant noodles and a camping stove to make food as well.
  2. silent


    christmas is only 7 months away
  3. As an update i've still been unable to get the factory feel back. I've made a pump, taken it to a shop to use theirs etc. Will be assembled in a bucket next.
  4. Bunting off prime pit area but leave no other equipment, then come late on race day only using the space to fuel up. Taking the only line that is over a downed riders bike, never around. Jump the starting line for the holeshot before the flag goes up because its timed by transponder anyway and looks good in pictures. Stealing peoples bar pads to pass inspection.
  5. silent


    he's not content with just the crashing stock/property market, hes trying to short and pump and dump this game too. this is why we can't have nice things.
  6. silent


    The market is volatile is hardly a prediction, the broken clock that removes its hands is neither right nor wrong? We want to know how to get rich quickly. Which horse to bet all or nothing. Caution be damned.
  7. silent


    https://www.asx.com.au/asx/share-price-research/company/SPK all or nothing, $3.940 13 Jan 2019. Lets see if this one delivers
  8. couple 26" wheels with speed controller on fleabay for $250. so, depending on battery could be a cheap experiment if you have an old doner bike.
  9. silent


    Back to my car analogy, the warning lights are on, do you pull over now or double down before the freeway and risk being overtaken by some shitty holden? In all seriousness, the value of something is determined, among other things, by future price expectations. If you take the emotional aspect of "it will always go up" out of it, what exactly is going to continue driving up the price? Cashed up investors with already 4x rentals? Because at the moment, if you don't have 2 or more, its pretty hard to get into the market. There's many words that could describe it, but sustainable doesn't seem to be one when people have borrowed to their eyeballs on interest only loans, interest rates couldn't be lower, wages are not growing, and still the clearance rate is dropping. While you might still be able to make money, factor in insurance, rates, cgt and total risk. 3.5 years ago when this thread started was a better time to buy than now, and the future risk could be seen then. I see no cold hard statistics pointing towards it improving in the near future, prices will probably still go up for a while but the risk is too high for me.
  10. silent


    Without the housing market, what are people going to invest in to rob future generations? is there an alternative? The stock market?
  11. silent


    In my view: "Crash" is a sensationalist term, generally used instead of price correction. It is usually the period of time following peak overvalue but before the return to the previous, longer term price gradient. The differential between the peak and long term average is irrelevant. Could be $5k, or $100k... thats up for debate. https://venngage.com/blog/misleading-graphs/
  12. I'd try A on a brand new filter, it almost like its having a reaction to a prior product and not hanging around evenly? I use the motul myself and often think its probably too thick to cover everywhere without restricting air flow, a middle ground product would be nice. But as above, its probably just the lack of die?
  13. stick to the drz400. Getting the suspension set up correctly is a *must* the stock setup is a deflecting and compression packing nightmare. Just don't fight the weight. If you get stuck on a log, roll back and hit it again instead of trying to push it over, roll back down and give the hill a 2nd shot etc. The engine has heaps of low grunt and doesn't flame out, so use it to the advantage and its a more than capable bike.
  14. silent


    For only $100, he will sell you a $20 note he once bought for $40. You can invest it in a bank account with yearly rental returns. The purchase transaction fee can be claimed in pre-tax dollars. Special sale agents will charge a 5% fee to sell it should you choose to. You also have to pay annual maintenance, insurance and rates on the $20 for a small fee of $1. If you are lucky, you can sell the $20 to someone else for $100 too after a few years of price stagnation, because $100 is the most people can afford on their median wages that haven't experienced growth in decades. Who's in?
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