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  1. eh does ok, the flywheel weight makes clutch work easier.
  2. Be careful downloading software claiming to do this type of thing for free, it's most likely a scam if you pay for it at best, or a virus made to look like something helpful and trick people like yourself. Microsoft wouldn't make it so easy to break the password encryption, its designed to be secure. A lot of businesses would be having 2nd thoughts about Microsoft if their computers could be compromised so easily... The best bet is to take the hard drive out of the laptop and see what files can be recovered using another computer, if they were not set to be encrypted you should just
  3. Heaps of people don't like social gatherings, and there are a lot of good reasons why parties are the worst. It might be the dunning kruger effect for being quieter when you are older and wiser too. There are a lot of things that can be at play, and everyone's experience is different so what may be an underlying thing for one person is totally different to everyone else. From my own experience, I was gas-lighted for a long time to believe there was something wrong because of the way I interacted with people, and for my demeanor. In reality there were (and still are) other factors this
  4. If its an option, go DHL. They delivered snow gear from Austria to my door in 4 days last week. It wasn't cheap though.
  5. downside is you can't get cateracts removed later on. or something similar, I forget, maybe look into it
  6. He doesn't get to pocket it, it goes to funding secret belt and road deals with his CCP overlords.
  7. Forest roads are still roads, and even at 18 most people have only developed a basic concept of risk and maturity, that doesn't mature completely for many more years. "it won't happen to me" attitudes are prevalent. It would be a hazard to have groups of 14yo's speeding around remote area's with other traffic. On private land, you can better control the environment. Wildwood is also a great club to ride until you are 18.
  8. have you tried a compression test?
  9. I have no experience with building walls but if I was tasked with designing something to break a brick wall using my body weight it would look a lot like that, lots of leverage, minimal contact area.. +1 on the metal plate, to counteract the leverage advantage.
  10. Sometimes new isn't better, just like how suits have been around for ages and they will always be classier than some hipster look that changes every week.
  11. silent


    if he sees his shadow we get 6 more weeks of winter
  12. It starts with trying to understand electromagnetism and you end up questioning reality.... (3:00 onwards)
  13. Hybrid electric will be next methinks. With a small IC engine constantly charging a long range battery, it only has to run at one rpm range and can be much smaller and efficient, maybe 60-80cc, enough to add a few hours range and get you home. For hard enduro short power bursts it would be ideal, desert riding maybe not...
  14. I'm on day 4 of this, seems to be working as I can now do my 1km reference sprint in 5 mins without stopping compared to last week.
  15. Good thread, hopefully we can share experience. My lockdown goal is to run 5km in less than 25 mins. Did day 1 of a similar 3 week plan and it wasn't so bad, and I fkn hate running.