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  1. More name ideas Trailbanter.com Crosstracks.com Dirtcorner.com Don't think it matters too much
  2. Thanks, a lot to look into ! Are the natural terrain similar to vic offroad wedderburn rounds in track style, or is that natural terrain mx style? Yep they do, entries closed on the weekend though 😕 I figured I'll have to look for something else before November !
  3. Seeking info if anyone can help out ? Looking to get back into non-mx events, wondering what's on this year and hopefully make a central list if it can help others too. DVMCC: July 16-17 Hard enduro October 15-16 Hard enduro November 19-20 enduro? Vic offroad: Edenhope 21-22 May Casterton 18-19 June Kruzic’s 30-31 July Dartmoor 27-28 August Omeo 1-2 October Leongatha 29 October What else can I add to the above?
  4. When I last looked, Fox v3, Bell moto 9 flex, Troy lee SE4 had some of the best protection scores under the EU standard (not just pass), although the testing list was not comprehensive of all brands/types
  5. SPMX, Just dropped off mine for a bottom end refresh. There's Boltons as well in Kyneton. A top end 2t isn't much work, any half decent workshop should be able to handle it.
  6. Awesome, which class are you aiming for?
  7. The deal signed with Winnie the Pooh is now available, there might be enough pages to draw them to scale and achieve this. Anyway time to deliver.. I present 1/2 of a pivot turn : https://streamable.com/iv0wfk Trying to figure out whats holding me back from making a full turn.. not leaning bike over enough, foot placement, not lifting the front high enough? Anyone notice something obvious?
  8. Some really dramatic footage appearing now, I know I can personally relate to the reaction https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnVER4sofo0
  9. Bushfires, floods, plague, riots and earthquake. I think we are one square away from winning on our UN disaster bingo card
  10. haha. This could easily be a two part challenge... there's that, followed by organising an escape from the gulag after his SS units come to get us ?
  11. haha setting the bar high. I'll be lucky to pivot 15 degrees... so if a slight pivot *into* the garage counts, we will see.
  12. With the long weekend incoming ang many of us still locked down, inspired by Graham Jarvis last year (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJ92iGlDp8Y), I say we do some backyard virtual riding. While I don't have much trails ability, I do have a busted lawn mower and a little space. The idea being that someone posts an idea, to see who can (safely) nail it (obvs with a pic/vid). Make sure its something you are willing to show off if no one else can. Anything from having a drink while doing a trackstand, climbing a wall with the front wheel or throwing your highest endo. Lets see what people can think of, I'll give almost anything a shot. What's the first challenge ?
  13. The most exciting thing since bmw bikes ?
  14. bs, how many 'management vehicle only' gates do you see in national parks vs state ?
  15. No idea but just noticed this one, maybe we can log something and make some noise. https://www.parliament.vic.gov.au/council/petitions/electronic-petitions/view-e-petitions side note, geez, might have to bookmark this one and check every morning on the train to work for more things to petition for.
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