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  1. I'm on day 4 of this, seems to be working as I can now do my 1km reference sprint in 5 mins without stopping compared to last week.
  2. Good thread, hopefully we can share experience. My lockdown goal is to run 5km in less than 25 mins. Did day 1 of a similar 3 week plan and it wasn't so bad, and I fkn hate running.
  3. silent


    Amazing performance for a company that competes with credit cards and still makes a loss...
  4. Open a restaurant, arbitrage the delivery apps, and then use it as the delivery bike? https://www.theverge.com/2020/5/18/21262316/doordash-pizza-profits-venture-capital-the-margins-ranjan-roy
  5. Peak power testing only. and obviously dyno runs are only run at WOT. But its enough to reinforce the need to check basics first.
  6. I've never messed with a mikuni but suggest something else is wrong. Show us your spark plug and back of the silencer after a ride. & agree with above, do a compression test too. How many hours on the bike? if it was rebuilt, was the base gasket thickness set correctly?
  7. Properly set up, each carby doesn't have _that_ much difference in them. I'll give the lectron is easier to get in the ballpark, and consistent, but you can't fine tune it as much without swapping needles. So its the same as the other carbs if you want perfection & there's a reason they don't come stock on anything. But you need to further explain what you are looking for with the word usable... smoother power delivery? more agressive power? There may be something else, such as gearing, expansion pipe, flywheel weight, powervalve setting, base gasket thickness...
  8. source? I thought they do this all year round...
  9. But after 1200 hours, had you been on a TPI and changing the oil pump at 80 hours and nothing else at $250 a pop.. thats nearly $4k there. Plus the premium price of a KTM to start with and you are half way to a 2nd jap bike.
  10. Its easier to forgive the underdog. To me, KTM is the one you date with supermodel model looks....but doesn't brush their teeth.. ...comes with 4cs forks, shoddy estart and is expensive to buy and maintain.
  11. looking very tullarook to me, although a few other places could look close as well..
  12. How many years will they supply them for is another factor, I'm guessing its not easy to find aftermarket options? so that 380 could be anything down the track...
  13. nup. The hill has a name.. S______
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