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  1. Once I get the graphics on, I will put up some pictures.
  2. Hey All, Just wanted to send a massive shout out and thank you to Max at Willmax Graphics. We always hear of stories where people are stooged or purchased something and then the after-product care is terrible - well I have a happy story for you all. Long story short I ordered a second set of graphics for my YZ250FX from Willmax the other week. Max and I had some emails back and forth about the new designs and colours etc, one of which was using fluro colours on the graphics. Along the way there was a communication breakdown between us which went something like this: Max: Just so you know the fluoro colours wont last as long because of the ink, so you may be better with a bright colour instead. Me: No problem, thats cool (me meaning - "thats OK, I'm happy to deal with the fading of the fluro"/// Max interpreting - "thats OK, lets use a bright colour version instead"). Needless to say the communication breakdown meant the colour wasnt exactly what I wanted so I emailed Max with my issue. Max and I didnt even had a 'he said/she said" moment, he just reprinted the entire graphics set with the new fluro colour at no cost. Not many other businesses would operate like this and the they have won a customer for life - service, product quality and the time to deal with their clients are massive points as to why I will be buying my third, forth and fifth sets from them. Not to mention they are Melbourne based and forum sponsors!!!! If anyone out there is looking to get new graphics or update their tired steed, have a look at Willmax Graphics and you wont be dissappointed. Cheers, Mark
  3. Hi mate could you get in touch, 0488448814 cheers Andy

  4. Thanks for putting on a great ride Dusty and for Mick sweeping and all the other helpers. Such a great idea to enable riders to step up, test a new level and improve their skills without the pressure of holding up other riders on the ride. The day started and ended with a heap of smiles and that is the best testament to Dusty and all the helpers. Thanks agains fellas, I'll be on the next one for sure.
  5. Hey Greasa, Great day of riding, thanks for putting it on for us all. Looking forward to going back there and checking out a lot more of the tracks we covered after lunch. Cheers, Mark
  6. Greasa, any chance there is a spot available?? Happy to help in anyway too???
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