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  1. Well I only got 28 ks under my belt but it was an awesome 28 ks before i spat a loose wire off my fuel pump , all fixed now and ready to boogie for the next ride great day many thanks too all involved in my rescue , pete and cory great lead , heath the bestest tailman ever and dillon for the cheuffer ride back to the car park, 5excf for the push and to the tow guy as well thankyou very muchly Absolutely love a well organised rescue until the next one adios amigo's
  2. Thanks guys for coming and supporting my ride I had a great day Thanks to the tailman MARK J you did a fantastic job and to bayerj for the small morning stint before i decided to destroy a rim lock A HUGE < MASSIVE < GIGANTIC THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU TO THE RED DINGO A very hounarable thing to do to give up your day and wheel to me so that the show could go on , AGAIN THANKYOU VERY MUCH 92 ks on the clock and it turned out to be a fairly easy level 3 without the aqua stuff on the ground but the pace was cracking as i didn’t stop to much great day and hope to put another on early next year P.S. i did miss your hurry on Gypsy
  3. from mark JEleven keen riders ready turned up at 7:30 at Exton Rd carpark. Perfect weather for riding. After Seano's run down on the rules etc we set of at 8:00 into the usual network of tight tracks. Seano decided to add in a section that is usually closed and this is where we had a problem. One guy had a puncture which was in the process of being repaired when I passed. 200m further on there was Seano with a very flat rear. His rim lock had snapped and the valve had been ripped off his tube. He put in his spare tube and we headed back to the cars. It was probably only about 09:00 by now. What to do next? Two guys decided to head off on their own. Chris De Prop then very generously offered up his rear wheel to Seano. Once the wheels had been swapped over and we said good bye to Chris we were back into it, one tight technical track after another. All the guys on this ride were pretty competent and we were flying along with no issues. We reached the lunch time spot by about 12:00. I must admit my arms and shoulders were starting to feel it by then and a break was welcome because I don't think until then i had a chance to take my helmet off. Lunch over we were off again. We would pop out of a track onto a main road and I'd think 'oh good a chance to rest'. No such luck 50m later we were off on another log strewn steep overgrown track. During the afternoon I know some of the other guys were also starting to feel a bit weary and were starting to struggle a bit like I was. Your arms feel like jelly and your co-ordination / balance starts to go and you start to make mistakes. The more mistakes you make, the more tired you get. Eventually Seano stopped on a main road and said this is where he normally heads back to the cars but he has just seen another track he wants to explore who's keen? Well, myself and 3 others were out. We headed back to the cars getting back just before 15:00. 10 minutes later Seano and his group of 4 turned up. All in all an excellent days riding. I'm feeling a bit weary still but I'll be back for the next one. Thanks to Seano for leading another fantastic day and to all the guys on the ride. Big thanks to Chris for giving up his day of riding so Seano could carry on with the ride, much appreciated. Report to moderator
  4. seano

    Four Word Game

    hungry crowd of Dirtriderz
  5. seano

    Four Word Game

    and become a healthier
  6. great day for a ride weather wise , the old Dissa is a bit flogged but with the right line choice it wasn’t to bad at all, the ride down the middle of the creek was grouse Thanks Dann and Chris for tail duties and Rob for organising and to Rider for the lead Ta Seano
  7. Cruiser and gypsy the toothless terrors
  8. thanks for the adequate company and adequate tail duties for the HALF day , he he hee
  9. no drizzle , too easy see , no challenge lol lucky buggers
  10. Micko , great report mate ,I enjoyed reading , defo see ya on the next one
  11. Scotty , you seem to ride faultlessly all a day , good stuff mate , happy you enjoyed
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