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  1. Hey Biggie I recently saw somewhere, can't remember where, that said, "After you wash a 2T make sure you change the filter as over time you will end up with a rusty crank"
  2. jetmani

    Wet Wombat L2 14/7

    Thanks for an enjoyable day , good bunch of blokes to ride with.
  3. jetmani


    So it starts live 10Pm?
  4. jetmani


    Does anyone know if it's live like previous years?
  5. jetmani

    Kenda Ibex Rear Tyre

    I don't think there is any tyre that will have grip on wet red clay.
  6. Ripper bike that Yep same as mine.
  7. That was my first bike too, we bought it brand new $210 from the dealer in Airport West, I really wanted a Honda Mini Trail but couldn't afford $500.
  8. jetmani

    Chewton - putting the Husky on a leash

    Sorry Richard can't remember, in the end I had to take it to the bike shop. Haven't ridden for about 3 months so I need to fire up.
  9. jetmani

    Chewton - putting the Husky on a leash

    That happened to mine once Richard, I come off went to start it , nothing. It turned out to be a wire connection, mongrel to find though.
  10. Mention you were from dirtriderz. Share the love, sponsors love hearing from us I might get one from Roads and River as well.
  11. But that one hasn't got the space for the original light to go in?
  12. I doubt that you will get one, looks like they are NLA, If someone happens to have one it will cost a fortune, You might be better to try and convert an aftermarket one with a light.
  13. Do you still sell earlier Husky parts?
  14. jetmani

    Sidi, crossfire boots

  15. join the above forum, best place for Husky info. I rode the 310 a few weeks back, nice bike.