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  1. I know people who swear by Dobatex also, i've only ever used CT18 seems to work alright
  2. Hey Biggie I recently saw somewhere, can't remember where, that said, "After you wash a 2T make sure you change the filter as over time you will end up with a rusty crank"
  3. Thanks for an enjoyable day , good bunch of blokes to ride with.
  4. So it starts live 10Pm?
  5. Does anyone know if it's live like previous years?
  6. I don't think there is any tyre that will have grip on wet red clay.
  7. That was my first bike too, we bought it brand new $210 from the dealer in Airport West, I really wanted a Honda Mini Trail but couldn't afford $500.
  8. Sorry Richard can't remember, in the end I had to take it to the bike shop. Haven't ridden for about 3 months so I need to fire up.
  9. That happened to mine once Richard, I come off went to start it , nothing. It turned out to be a wire connection, mongrel to find though.
  10. Mention you were from dirtriderz. Share the love, sponsors love hearing from us I might get one from Roads and River as well.
  11. I doubt that you will get one, looks like they are NLA, If someone happens to have one it will cost a fortune, You might be better to try and convert an aftermarket one with a light.